Exercise Bike VS Spinning Bike: Quick Compression

If you are looking for spinning bike vs exercise bike, You are in right place. Exercise Bike and Spin Bike, both are the similar type of gym equipment for home and gymnastic use. While you need to choose a at home stationary bike, a great question asked over and over, which one you will buy. Lets a have a look on our exercise bike vs spin bike article before get confused on shop.

exercise bike vs spin bike


Starting with an exercise bike such as the Tunturi range, you get:

The variable resistance which is computer controlled, meaning you don’t have to jump off the bike, alter it yourself, and then jump back on.  That works together …

Video footage care of T-Road.  It has to tried to believe.  The video shows you climbing the hills. So the pedaling resistance increased which it makes harder, just like going up a hill.  And coming down it gets easier.  Pedal harder and you go faster through the video.

A trainer will guide you through your ideal exercise program, making sure that you are working at your most level.  It has calculated  …

An assessment program right at the beginning.  Enter variables like age and weight and the first program will get access to your fitness and create the perfect formula for you, and inspire you with a trainer.

To get the best out of an exercise bike you need to look more top of the range to get these features, and the price could be the major hurdle.


Exercise Bike VS Spinning Bike



On the other hand on the spinning bike you:

In this part of this spinning bike vs upright bike, You can Change the resistance manually on spinning bike, so there is no variable resistance on your rides.  These machines built to build endurance.

Have a more natural muscle group workout. Exercise bikes work slightly differently, and for some reason, many people report that the flywheel of the spinning bike results in a better replication of your real bike feeling in the muscles, which is better for those people who are looking to train inside during wet and cold winters.

Join thousands in the gym spinning community.  Gyms stocked full of spinning classes which filled week after week, complete with sweaty bodies and coaches/instructors from the front.

The downside to the spinner is one of motivation.  In a gym, you get someone yelling at you to work harder, and as there is only manual resistance, increased power and effort and hence endurance development only comes from the effort you put in.  You also get a lot of other sweaty bodies to challenge and inspire you… But in your home, will you work as hard?

Thankfully, some of the higher spec spinners come with computers to tell you how much ‘work’ you are doing, but you still have to pretty self-motivated. There are more advanced facilities avail to customize your workout as own preference. So, you can lose your fat in comfort of your home.

Summary of Spin Bikes vs Exercise Bikes

Here in this spinning bike vs stationary bike article we study that, The bottom line does you want something that is a full technological wizard. Such as the Tunturi Exercise Bike range, but costs over £1500/$3000. Or do you go for the somewhat cheaper but more natural spinning bike? Adored by road bike cycling enthusiasts, but doesn’t have the changes available on resistance, and so many other features though there is a personal trainer option on the more expensive machines.

I think in the end that it depends on a lot of motivation.  That is, if you can self-motivated and can find other ways of building power muscle, then the spinner wins hands down for it’s natural ‘feeling’ and endurance building dynamic.  But if you are someone who is looking for bike tech that mimics the real world, you should go for the more expensive exercise bike.


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