Folding Exercise Bike Buying Guide 2017-2018 (November Update)

Folding Exercise Bike Buying Guide is a must read page before buying any kind of exercise bike . Take a quick look to choose your perfect fitness equipment!

One of the biggest reasons for not buying home exercise machines is simply the size of the tools. A treadmill, exercise cycle, elliptical trainer or home gym is a bulky piece of equipment which can take a lot of floor space in your home – permanently. That is why you need a folding gymbike!


Folding Exercise Bike

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Exercise bikes are one of the smaller pieces of exercise equipment. But they still take up the room and if you opt for a recumbent exercise cycle. It will take about the same amount of space as a treadmill.


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Thankfully, there are now some great alternatives to fixed frame exercise bikes. Which are just as good in the form of fold away exercise bikes like trampolines. Do you know what are the best trampolines? The fold away one, and they are great space saving workout equipment. Folding Exercise Bikes are same as them.

Folding exercise bike offers just the same features. Build quality, Stability and Comfort levels as a Non-folding one. But with the added benefit of being easy to fold up and put away somewhere out of sight rather than it becoming a permanent feature of your living space.

They are a great alternative for anyone living in a smaller dwelling. Or who simply doesn’t want clunky pieces of exercise equipment cluttering up their home.

Folding Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike 

Folding Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Now you’ve decided to purchase a foldable exercise bike. And claim back some of that valuable floor space. You’ll be wondering which are the best folding workout bike around. And which of the various types (yes there are several different types) is going to be most suited to your exercise goals and physical fitness needs.

The following guidelines are designed to help you make that informed decision. Before you decide on which folding exercise cycle is right for you.

Upright Folding Exercise Bikes or Recumbent Exercise Cycles

The first decision you will be presented with when buying a fold-up exercise bike is whether you want an upright stationary bike or a recumbent style cycle. Which you choose is as much a matter of personal choice as it is based upon your personal fitness goals. The features of  both are described below as there are pros and cons of each.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These bikes are based on the traditional style of bicycle where the user sits straight up on the seat or hunched forward over the handlebars.

As the user is in an upright position it allows for sprinting and hill climbing or the more ‘racing’ style of exercise bike usage as the user can stand up off the saddle and really pump at those peddles.

Some users claim they receive a more intense workout from this kind of cycle compared to the recumbent exercise bike. Also, as they are much more like the style of street bike.

We are all used to riding, they offer a psychological comfort and being smaller in frame size than the recumbent bikes, are cheaper to manufacture and therefore, to buy.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

These offer a more relaxed seated position. Because of the larger seats and back support offered, they are much more comfortable to use. And great for people with lower back problems.

If you are not worried about your home gym exercise bike resembling your road bike then you should consider a recumbent fitness cycle. As the added level of comfort means, you are more likely to continue using it. On a really good recumbent bike, it’s almost like a comfy chair with pedals attached.

Recumbent exercise bikes are however often more expensive than upright cycles. Also bigger and bulkier due to the general design of the machine. In addition, the design of the bike means you are unable to stand up. And perform ‘road race’ style exercise routines on them.

Folding Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

What Is The Weight Of A Folding Fitness Cycle?

A non-foldable exercise bike can be pretty heavy, especially the recumbent kind. Which you are definitely not going to want to be moving around too much, once you have it in place.

A folding exercise cycle, on the other hand, is designed to be folded up and moved from place to place.

They are designed to be more lightweight and easy to move. Many have carrying handles and wheel attachments to enable them to be moved more easily.

You might still want to look at the weight of the exercise bike. However, especially if you have back problems or think lifting / wheeling a piece of exercise equipment might cause you problems.

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Are Folding Exercise Bikes Stable?

One of the important things to look at when buying an exercise bike is the stability of the machine. There are not only important safety issues here but also you will feel a lot more comfortable on a sturdy.

Well-constructed exercise bike rather than a shaky, rickety machine which clunks and creaks the whole time you are using it.

A good modern folding  exercises bike is just as stable as a fixed frame cycle. It is a good idea to sit on your choice of bike and try it out. But if that is not possible, then be sure to read reviews and opinions written by others, which will give you a clear idea about the quality of the bike.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, cheap exercise bikes are probably not going to be particularly well constructed, so spend some extra bux on quality one. And obviously check warranty terms and periods.

Especially in reference to the frame, will give you an idea of how sturdy the bike will be. Some come with frame warranties which cover as little as 30 days, whilst other are 15 years to lifetime. So, check it carefully.

How Much Storage Space Is Required For A Folding Gym Bike?

The reason you would pick a collapsible workout cycle over a fixed frame bike is because of the storage solution it provides. With that in mind, it is important when choosing a folding bike. To check out how big it actually is when it is folded up.

There are different ways in which a bike can be folded down. And some are larger than others when packed down or fold up in different ways which make them either shorter or narrower.Folding Exercise Bike

How Easy Are Foldable Exercise Bike To Fold Up?

This all depends on the model you choose. Some offer a smooth fold down motion, whilst others are fiddly and simply clunk together.

Every models has individual review available on particular company website as well as many forums and review sites. Also, gymbikelab always try to review individual products on review section. Find the specific model via Search option. or check the Review tab.

How Comfortable and Adjustable Is It?

It is an import that your choice of exercise cycle is comfortable enough for you to use. Check out the seat and the handlebars, especially if you are significantly above or below average height or weight.

As you must ensure the bike will adjust to meet your requirements.

The seat is something you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting on. So make sure the seat is comfortable for you to use for long periods of time. Which leaves your butt hurting like you’ve been riding a horse bareback cross country!

Or you may quickly lose interest in working out on a machine.

In addition, if there is going to be more than one person using the bike. You should look at how easy the various adjustments to things like seat height, handlebar height etc. is to make.

If you have to spend fiddly minutes messing around with the various settings you’ll start your workout frustrated and lose interest.

Manual Belt Driven Exercise Bikes Or Digitally Controlled Magnetic Resistance Fitness Cycles

There are a further two types of an exercise bike to choose between when you are looking into buying a fitness cycle. There are two main options to choose from.

When it comes to how the bike provides resistance to your pedaling power. A friction belt or a magnetic resistance provided by an electromagnet.

The friction provided by a belt is the cheapest method of providing resistance. That is usually only found on the cheapest types of folding fitness cycle out there.

These manual exercise bikes require the user to set their own friction levels manually. Meaning you need to keep getting off and on your bike to adjust the settings. If you want more resistance or less.

In addition, these types of the bike have a very limited computer console with fewer options, preset programs, and feedback about your workout.

The magnetic resistance option is a much better choice. If you can afford the extra money these machine cost as they do provide a much smoother and continuous resistance.

Can be adjusted from the seat at the touch of a button. Allow you to run fitness training programs which add variety into your workout machine and are much less quiet to run than belts which make a hissing noise as the belt runs across the wheel.

Computer Console Quality of Folding Exercise Cycle

As mentioned above, folding stationary bike which use magnetic resistance to provide. The force against which you need to cycle can offer a lot more on the console than the belt driven type.

Depending on what you want from your exercise bike, the computer console will be more or less important. Some come with a few basic options, whilst others will have heart rate monitoring capabilities.

Built in fitness programs, interval training, calories burned counter and more. You need to decide whether you will need these kinds of things or not as it will vary from person to person.

How Much Weight Can The Machine Take?

A folding upright bike can often take less user weight than a comparable non-foldable version. The weight capacity is something you need to look at before you buy as the manufacturer’s recommendations can actually be quite a bit lower than you might be expecting.

A figure of 250lbs as a maximum user weight is not uncommon and it is better to aim for a little below the absolute maximum the sometimes optimistic manufacturer might be suggesting.

Folding Exercise Bike

Check Out Those Warranties of Exercise Bike!

Some manufacturers will offer as little as 30 days as a Warranty which to me. Says a lot about their confidence in what they have to offer and the converse is also true.

Whilst it’s not the most important thing, as you’d hope once you have researched well enough. You will have found a great value exercise bike which meets all your requirements.

It is still a nice backup to have a great Warranty to go along with it. Now you can Buy a Folding Exercise Bike by following these guide.

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