Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Reviews 2018 (February Update)

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As you know, Recumbent Exercise Bike is an awesome fitness tool. You can use it while you are reading your favorite book or listen to your loved music. This cycle will help you be fit and fine. Home gym equipment, such as the  Nautilus r614 recumbent exercise bike, can help us keep up a healthy lifestyle without spending a fortune.

Nautilus Recumbent Bike R614

The stationary bike is one of the most used equipment found in the gym. Research says that you can burn more than 700 calories by doing a one hour workout session on a stationary bike. And one of the bestselling stationary bikes in the market today is the recumbent exercise bike. Nautilus is one of the bestselling gymbike among them.

This R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a well-balanced fitness tools for all kinds of user. Let’s see what this one has to offer.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Reviews 2018: Buying Guide and Comparison

This sleek  recumbent cycle by Nautilus offers a variety of courses to keep users interested and motivated, along with eight heart rate programs and two programmable user profiles. We discuss more details below.

Give It All You Got

Here you go folks, the Nautilus with its seven profile courses! You have given much variety on this bike. So you won’t feel like you are settling into a routine too soon. This will surely help you keep motivated. And you will archive your fitness goal sooner than expected. It has a total of four polar heart rate programs, complete with telemetry. It also includes the grip and chest belt. This assures you that you get the kind of fitness assessment. Accurate heart rate monitoring system that you need and can rely on. Apart from that it also has not one, but two user profiles which you can program or customize on your own so it would be easier for you to track your progress and create your personal courses.

The electronically controlled magnetic resistance system and the blue back-lit LCD display work together to give you a smooth and hassle-free workout, that you may concentrate on your cycling and not the technicalities. It also boasts of a multi-point seat & console adjustment, as well as a powerful fan to keep you cool. It also features oversized pedals, plus a magazine rack as well as a water bottle holder and an integrated gear basket so you have a place to store your usual gym paraphernalia. You can watch your progress in miles, or in kilometers, whichever easier for you to track. Looks promising, doesn’t it?

With  this exercise tools in the home gym, you can get some low-impact exercise no matter your age. The electronically controlled magnetic resistance system features multiple levels of resistance, allowing you to customize the intensity of your workouts.

The LCD displays will show time spent per session, the speed of your running, the distance you have crossed. It will also let you know the course information, your current heart rate, and fitness goal tracking. You can set an auto sync with your Nautilus Connect™ and MyFitnessPal account. It will help you to trace your fitness goal in real-time.Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

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R614’s Padded seat and back will give you a comfortable workout. It’s strong back support will help you to reduce back pain. And, you will enjoy a comfortable workout session.

You can keep your favorite magazine in an integrated try. There is a space to put your tab to watch your favorite movie at the time of exercise. It has built-in acoustic speaker and USB audio input system.

Heart rate programs, pre-programmed workouts, and fitness data sync allow you to get the most from this bike. With multiple programmable user profiles, more than one person can track performance.

Multiple course profiles ensure that you never get bored when riding. Distance, speed, RPM, calories, heart rate, time, average speed, and more displayed on the backlit LCD screen. It include convenience accessories like a fan, magazine rack, water bottle, and accessory rack. It will help you to get everything within reach.

You will find an easy nautilus r614 manual. If you go through that step by step, you can assemble your  Nautilus R614 Recumbent within 30 minutes as real user experience. Or, you can hire an expert guy for setup. allow you to order fitness equipment along with expert’s support.

Features at a Glance:

  • 22 programs, including per-programmed, custom and calorie goal options.
  • Heart rate is tracking in the grip for optimal performance.
  • 20 resistance levels for all fitness levels and goals.Nautilus R614 Font Console
  • USB Charging Port.
  • Eddie Current Brake System.
  • Padded seat with adjustable lumbar support.
  • Built-in water bottle holder.
  • Magazine Tray.
  • Towel Rack.
  • Three Speed Fan.
  • Acoustic chambered Speaker with iPad input port.
  • Adjustable Three Speed Cooling Fan.
  • Transport Wheel integrated.
  • Maximum Capacity 300 in lbs and 136 in kgs

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Computer Features

  • Dual Track LCD System to display your workout details in detail and brief.
  • Two User Profile Creation Option.
  • Nautilus Connect™ and MyFitnessPal Performance Tracking and Auto Data update.
  • Miles To KM Converting System.


65.3″ Length, 28.3″ Wide, 49.6″ Height,
Machine Weight 82.2lbs (38.2kgs)


In this Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews, we inform you about Warranty. It is worth noting that this durable gym cycle comes with a  massive 10-year warranty on frame. Manufacturer also allow you two years mechanical, one year electric and three months labor warranty.

More Features…

Reviews by Owners

Nautilus R614 Recumbent is one of the top-rated recumbent exercise bike in its class, reviewers praised the Nautilus R614 for its excellent features, and ease of assembly. Jane from Brooklyn stated she had lost 8 pounds in a one week. She points out that it is an excellent option for those who cannot handle weight-bearing exercise.

Other Reviewers liked the thickly padded seat, which adjusts easily to accommodate any height, and the included to check heart rate. While the bike does include sensors in the handles at the sides of the seat, users pointed out having a constant heart rate displayed using the chest strap was much more convenient that gripping the handles every so often to check heart rate.

… some difficulties

While many reviewers commented on how easy the Nautilus R614 was to assemble, a few reviewers had some difficulty and stated it was harder to assemble than they had anticipated. But, if you follow their step by step pictorial manual, it will be easy. And this Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Reviews will show you the right path.

Amazingly this exercise bike received no one or two-star ratings, and even those who had difficulty with assembly or were missing pieces were very pleased with the product once it assembled.

One reviewer pointed out that an electrical outlet needed for the display, which not mentioned in the product information, so make sure the cycle positioned near an outlet.

 The Nautilus recumbent bike is a perfect starter piece or complement to any home gym and is a fantastic exercise option for those seeking extremely low-impact exercise options.

This exercise tools is versatile enough to replace trips to the gym entirely, add some variety to your current workout regime or replace outdoor biking during inclement weather.

You need two people and 30 mins to complete total assembly. You will find an easy manual to set up your  new R614. And, this Nautilus r614 recumbent bike reviews will help you.

Pros and Cons


Smooth Pedal Motion.
Convenient Tension adjustment button.
Good Tools to reduce back injury.
Sturdy frame and comfortable, easy to move seat.
Multiple user profiles.
Fully customizable settings.
Integrated fan.

 eHowFitness’s How Recumbent Bike Helps You Video Clips

The Cycle Includes

  • Stationary recumbent exercise cycle for home use.
  • Adjustable lumbar support on seating.
  • Step-through design.
  • Multi-point console and seat adjustments are bio mechanically designed.
  • Multiple resistance levels.
  • Magnetic Eddy Current Brake resistance system is electronically controlled 20-pound flywheel.
  • Variety of Polar heart rate programs with included chest belt, grip, and telemetry.
  • On some models, Heart Rate Control feature makes automatic intensity adjustments.
  • Backlit LCD touch screen display with tilting feature.
  • Mile or kilometer measurements.
  • Readouts include distance, speed, RPM, calories, heart rate, time, average speed, and more depending on model.
  • Remote Operation Control on arm handles of some models.
  • On board fan.
  • Oversized pedals.
  • Features like water bottle holder and magazine rack included on some models.
  • Integrated gear basket for storing accessories (some models).
  • Wheels for transport.
  • 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, 1-year electronic warranty, 6 months parts and labor warranty.


Nautilus R614 vs Nautilus R616 Side by Side Comparison
Nautilus R614 vs R616 (Infographic)

Check out what these people have to say about the Nautilus R614

“The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike was put together by my husband and he didn’t have a hard time doing it at all. I just love it even if I have only used it a few times. The bike is such a relief from my lower back pain. I didn’t feel any kind of strain. Thank you Nautilus! Thank you!” – JM

“After much research, I finally settled on the R614. I am very pleased with it. I have absolutely no regrets at all. Very good.” – SpringFever
We Recommend the this Exercise Bike for those looking for a reliable gym cycle in this n1autilus r614 recumbent bike review.

Where To Buy The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

You may buy the Nautilus Exercise Bike on selected sports and outdoor stores nationwide. For a quick and hassle free buy, you may also look it up online. To get great deals and offers, please feel free to visit
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Cancel your gym membership and instead work out at home using a Nautilus exercise bike. Comfort and design features, heart rate monitoring, and advanced programming allow you to ride harder and longer.

Use the various profile courses to keep yourself motivated and set up a user profile to add course customization and track progress. Your workout will always be smooth and quiet, thanks to a magnetic resistance system that is electronically controlled.

Use the on-board fan to keep cool and keep your water bottle in a holder and towels in the accessory rack. The ability to store multiple user profiles makes it convenient for more than one person to use this bike. You will both shed pounds while competing against each other for the title of fitness champion.

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike is expensive, but you get what you pay. It is an excellent exercise tools, if you want a good recumbent exercise cycle, then the Nautilus R614 is worth having a closer look.

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