Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike Reviews 2018

Fan exercise bikes have been around for years.  The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike is one of the original fan bikes. It also called Airdybe Bike. These types of exercise bikes have been very popular. Because of the simple design that has proven it works over time.

There are many types of exercise bike available in the market. If you wants to buy recumbent exercise bikes, you must go for Schwinn products. Because, Schwinn is known to produce high-quality products. And this bike has shown that it is one of those. This particular series of fan exercise bikes manufactured for over 20 years with little changes to the design.

If the design hasn’t changed much during such a long time period you know something is right about it. We study all available information resource about this model. And write as we find.

You can check our Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike Reviews 2017 below.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike 

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Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike Review

This Upright Fan Bike has been a beloved exercise bike for many years. Apparently, Schwinn did something awesome when the built the first engineering this fitness bike.

The design for the Schwinn AD6 is simple yet works great. The fan provides a natural resistance to the rider while the arms simulate a natural motion while you workout. It will give you a smooth experience. The harder you pedal, the more resistance the fan gives the rider.  You also work your arms to get that complete workout (upper and lower body). 

A little side bonus is that it gives you a nice breeze while working the fan exercise bike. This is excellent at keeping you cool while you ride, even in warm environments. 

Schwinn fixes the disturbing whirring noise in this AD6 Model. This one has and friction less fan. What will give you a sound workout. Schwinn AD6 Upright Bike

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Why Schwinn AD6?

The design of the Schwinn AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike has not been changed a lot then Schwinn’s other gym tools. There have been some minor improvements such as the digital display console on the front. These console will give you a readout of your workout.

The display includes information such as calories burned, heart rate, RPM, calories per hour, and workload. These little information bits come in handy in determining how to tailor your workout to best work for you.

 The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Fan Exercise Bike   has an absolutely fantastic warranty. This warranty shows how much Schwinn really stands behind this product.

The frame warranty is an astounding 15 years! You can pay off a 15-year house mortgage before the frame warranty will run out. The sturdy design of this fan exercise bike really makes you feel like you may not ever use that warranty, though.

In addition, the Schwinn Airdybe also features a 3 years warranty on parts and 2 years for electronics items.

Finally, a 6 months warranty on labor and wear items tops off this amazing warranty. This Upright Fan Exercise Bike has been known to last for many customers for years upon years. The exceptional warranty illustrates how long Schwinn expects you to have this fan fitness bike.

The Schwinn Fan Exercise Bike designed using very strong materials that built to last. There isn’t much plastic on this exercise bike besides the digital display casing. This is all metal which makes it fairly heavy. 

Fortunately, it does have wheels that can used for transporting the fan bike to various parts of the house.



  • Upright exercise bike with air resistance system. Air system offers various kinds of resistance, more you paddle it will be harder.
  • Dual-action arm handles work upper and lowers body.
  • Console tracks time, distance, calories, RPM, and  more.
  • Measures 25.7″ X  50.9″ X 49.7″ (W x H x L);
  • Weighs 112lbs.
  • RevMeter RPM gauges fun visual for 6 workout metrics.
  • BioSynch™ linkage system for safe exercise.
  • Comfortable large thickly padded seat.
  • BioSynch™ linkage system for safe exercise.
  • Comfortable large thickly padded seat.
  • Water bottle holder.
  • Four leveler to make sure stability.
  • Wheels for Transportation.
  • Space Need 28″ by 52″
  • Color Black
  • Reading Rack (need to buy separately)

More Features

Pros and Cons

Time-tested design. Excellent warranty (15 years frame!). Incredibly sturdy. Straightforward  Set up. Easy to Move. Smooth Operation.


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Benefits Upright Fan Exercise Bike

Schwinn Airdybe exercise bikes have been on the market for decades, and for a good reason: they are the longest lasting exercise bikes in the market. Models from as long ago as the 70’s are still in operation today and their construction gives the bikes a long life and a solid exercise.

This bikes are expensive, but their longevity and benefits more than makeup for the price. Using one regularly for a couple of years makes it cheaper than a gym membership, and the bike will last for longer than any gym membership.


What is a Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike?

While not seen as often in gyms today, Schwinn’s exercise bikes can still found in homes all across the country. Their construction is solid steel and the telltale fan-style air resistance system is the mark of a this bike.

When the user pedals, the fan in the front of the bike rotates. The harder and faster the bike pedaled, the stronger the user feels the resistance. This resistance gives it a place in any exercise regimen, no matter how light or intense.

Schwinn exercise bikes also feature moving synchronized handlebars to give you an almost total body workout, and the resistance fan provides wind to keep you cool as you exercise.


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What Makes the Schwinn Exercise Bike Different from Others?

Schwinn’s exercise bike is the only one on the market that uses the air resistance method, which is relatively low-tech but reliable. Pedaling the bike simply feels different from other brands. The resistance feels natural, and since it adjusts to how hard you pedal, it is always the perfect amount of resistance for your workout.

With the steel-framed construction, the bike is extremely sturdy. While heavy, it allows for no wobbling. And the fact that people still have their AD6’s from decades ago — some of which still under their 30-year warranty — says leagues about the quality of construction and materials used to make the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike. What do other exercise bikes you know of that will last you at least 30 years?

Downsides to the Schwinn Airdybe Exercise Bike only has two downsides for today’s consumer:

1.    The weight.

2.    The price.

Due to the steel framing, Schwinn’s bike weighs 96lbs, which is much heavier than many people want to have to handle. Moving them from one room to another is a pain due to not only the weight but the size. Ad6s are big and heavy exercise bikes, so if you plan on getting one pick a room to put it in first.

However, they can found used and perfectly functioning for a couple of hundred dollars if you are willing to buy a piece of used exercise equipment.

Besides the price and the weight, there is no reason for anyone who is trying to get into shape not to own a Schwinn gym bike.


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Schwinn has been a respected manufacturer in anything that has to do with bikes for over 100 years.  The AD6 is one of their best-selling and longest lasting products they have ever made.

This fan exercise bike simply outperforms just about any other fan exercise bike you will find anywhere. The time-tested design shows how well this bike works.  It has not been changed very much besides small cosmetic changes like the digital display. The breeze, natural resistance, and quality materials make this an excellent buy for anyone looking to invest in a fan exercise bike.

Now it’s time to get one for you!

Put your question, suggestion below. We will try our best to let you know about the quarry.


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