How To Gain Weight Naturally in 1 Month

How To Gain Weight Naturally in 1 Month

While gaining weight is a nightmare for most people, some suffer from underweight problems. To make things worse, some of them can’t maintain a standard weight even after a feast.

No kidding! Being underweighted and skinny can cause several health issues. Like Osteoporosis, Anemia, tiredness, etc. If you are anorectic or don’t have standard body mass, you should give it a thought.

If you are searching and reading this, you wish to put on a few pounds, I suppose. However, it’s not a good idea to fill your stomach with fast food. A natural and healthy diet with some exercise might also get the job done. You can run on treadmill or exercise on elliptical machine. Or, you can follow a natural way along with exercise.

Well, these can lead you to one question, is it possible to gain weight naturally in one month?

Yes, it is! According to experts, it’s safe to gain 0.5 kg to 1 kg weight in a week. So, you can gain 2-4 kgs of weight naturally in a month.

Let’s talk about BMI, Body Mass Index or BMI helps us find out your health conditions. Also, you can measure whether you are under-weighted or not. If your Body Mass Index is below 18.5, you are considered underweight. You can calculate your BMI and see how much weight you have to gain to have a balanced body mass.

how to gain weight naturally in 1 month

If you want to add some mass, it’s important to do that in the right way. Junk food isn’t recommended for gaining weight. These foods harm your body more than you think.

Instead of fast food, you can depend on eating healthy high-calorie food constantly. Remember, weight gaining is time-consuming, you need to give your body some time to adjust. So, hang in there.

The simplest way to boost your body mass is to eat more calories than your body needs. Probably you are tired of hearing ‘Eat more, eat more’, but trust me, it is the right way.

Add some extra calories to your usual eating routine. Like adding peanut butter, cheese, or mayonnaise with your regular food. Dry fruit and milk will also be helpful.

How To Gain Weight Naturally in 1 Month 1

Try taking an extra 300 to 500 calories each day if you want to gain weight slowly and steadily. And aim around 700 to 1000 extra calories in case of fast growth.

Increase the amount of protein in your daily diet. Protein builds muscles in your body and helps improving body shape and strength. In the bodybuilding process, protein is like the main ingredient. Try to have more protein-based foods like meat, fish, beans, etc. Protein shakes are also recommended.

Another vital ingredient of your diet is fat. It’s a healthy way to adjust the weight. Eat food with rich fat like nuts, cheese, butter, etc. Try crackers and dried fruits as snacks.

Want a muscular body like Dwayne Johnson- The Rock? Well, you have to break a leg and exercise like crazy. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, and focus on a balanced body structure.

Workouts help in building muscles. Building muscles will let you gain weight and keep your body in shape. So, exercise some strength training workouts twice a week. Home workouts will also do the job.

Try different exercises for different body parts. Push-ups pull-ups, bench dips, squats, running on treadmill, climbing on home elliptical and deadlift will do the job.

You can target making your muscle groups stronger by focusing on each part on specific days. You could try shortening the rest period and add variation in the workouts.

Boost your energy by eating before your workouts. You can have a snack or a small meal before you get started. Or wait for 3-4 hours after a large meal. Good post-exercise snacks like butter sandwiches or fruit, chocolate milkshake are also recommended.

Sleeping habit also affects your weight. An irregular sleeping routine could lead you to weight loss. So, proper sleep is a must for maximum recovery and muscle growth. So, get proper sleep.

Thinking about cutting off vegetables? Well, this might not be a good idea. It’s right that vegetables have low-calorie than protein or fat. However, it contains vitamins and minerals, which is important for our health. Not eating enough veggies might cause malnutrition.

how to be fat in a month

Another mistake people do is they give up quickly. Yes, bulk gaining can be tough but one thing you need is consistency. Your body can’t change within a few days. So, be patient and constantly maintain your diet and keep eating healthy food.

Eat frequently. Add additional snacks or meals each time you can. Especially before bed and in the evening. Hope you can have your desired body weight and an attractive body!

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