Top 10 Best Treadmill Under 500 Dollars

We checked all available posts about the best treadmill under 500 dollars. But, most of the articles are outdated, and selected treadmills are out of stock now. That’s why we make an updated list, check out the budget-friendly treadmills 2022 here.

When you are looking for the best treadmill for a home under 500, the good qualities are usually found in a price range from 200 dollars to 500 dollars. These treadmills are perfect for home users. You can exercise in the comfort of your home without a drive over to the gym. A home treadmill allows you to work out any time of the day or night and saves your gym membership fees for years.

You already checked our top 10 selection above. But, if you want to learn a little before buying, you can check each inexpensive treadmill short detail below. But, if you are looking for treadmills for around 1000 dollars, you can check ours under 1000 treadmill posts.

Let’s Drive Deep.

Buying Guide For Treadmill Under 500 Dollars

When you looking for best treadmill for home under 500, that usually found in a price range from $200 to $500. These treadmills are perfect for home users. You can exercise in the comfort of your home without drive over to the gym. A home treadmill allows you to workout any time of the day or night and saves your gym membership fees for years.

In fact, the treadmill has so many uses benefits, that’s why people investing in one. This is also one of the most saturated categories in the fitness equipment industry. And also the reason it’s difficult to choose the right product for the right price.

People buy treadmills to get a solid cardio workout. That’s why we select them based on how well a treadmill meets this need, what extra benefits provided and ease of usability like schwinn 430 elliptical trainer.

It may hard to believe that you could get the top one under $500. But, if you are a walker, it is the best choice for you. That’s why treadmills we select here, will judged by following categories:

  • The number of programs.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Length of Belt.
  • Maximum Load Capacity.
  • Treadmill design and durability.
  • And some other options.
best treadmill under 500 2021

Number of Programs

All treadmills come with preset training programs. These programs help you in cardio training, hill climbing, or with a defined pulse rate range. The variety provides interest when working out and helps you reach your goals whether that is to get fit or to lose weight.

Ease of Use

The treadmill needs to be user-friendly. The workout display should read clearly. User-friendly settings, quiet operation, walk-through design, and a folded-up facility can make a treadmill the best among other models. We measure these options in time of selecting the best treadmill under $500.

Length of Belt

The length of the belt is important because users may differ in height and have different stride lengths. You do not want users with a very long stride feeling cramped on the treadmill or running off at the end of the treadmill. The length of the belt needs to handle both walkers and runners.

Maximum Load Capacity

Maximum load capacity indicates how much weight a treadmill can bear. We select the best models based on the most load they may take. Most of the models support up to 220lbs-300lbs, and some extended models have 400 lbs load support.

Treadmill Design and Durability

The better treadmills have bigger rollers, that reduce the impact and prolong the life of the belt. Manufacturers tell us what they think about the quality of their products by the length of the warranty that they offer. If the warranty is short, you can assume that the product is not of the highest quality. If you are an elliptical type and you have small space in your condo you can check out our compact elliptical post here.

Nowadays most companies offer extended protection years with some extra charge.


Auto Incline Quick Button

Heart rate monitor on Pulse grip

0% to 12% incline in 12 step

“Soft Drop” easy folding for storage

Backlit LCD display

Transportation wheels for mobility

Emergency Stop switch


2.2 Horse Power motor

2-8 MPH speed button

Device Holder

Weight capacity: 240 lbs

Running deck: 49.5″L x 16.5W”

Product weight: 121 lbs

Warranty: 3 year on frame and 6 months on other parts

The SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill is a marvelous creation of Sunny Health and Fitness. Its auto incline and Bluetooth connectivity make it more attractive! You can enjoy your favorite music during your workout session. It has integrated MP3(AUX port) and Bluetooth connectivity at your fingertip! It will keep you engaged with your workout. Also, keep connected so that you can meet your emergency calls on your phone.

You can check the time of workout, the distance you run or walk. Also the speed of your exercise and calories you burnt. As well as incline and current heart rate while you workout. SF-T7515 has a large digital back-lit LCD to track all real-time updates of your workout session. There is 12 preset workout program to help you with your exercise. You can choose any of them and reach your fitness goals.

Integrated BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator will help you to examine body status. It will calculate based on your height and weight. You can set fitness goals based on the BMI calculator results. And choose the different stages of training to archive goals.

The large and anti-shock running desk allows you to run up to 8 mph and change incline up to 7⁰ degrees. And, you can change running speed or inclines by using quick buttons.

The SF-T7515’s easy fold and Soft Drop unfold will allow you to use this machine anywhere you want! Oh, I forgot to mention the built-in wheels which will help you to mobilize the machine.

This machine has heart rate sensors on the handrail. Also Smart device holder for your smart devices like phone, tabs, or iPod.

This awesome feature makes this treadmill one of the best treadmill for home under 500. To check the exact price, please click here or you can place an order by clicking here.


Straightforward Assembly

Heavy duty build quality

Quite Operation

Wheels for easy transport

Folding design

Wide and seafty side rails


1.5 Horse Power High Torque motor

0.4-4 MPH speed

LCD display

EKG Grip Heart Rate Monitor

Treadmill weight- 110 lbs

Maximum weight limit: 350 lbs

Warranty: frame 1 yr and motor 5 yr, 90 days on parts.

Exerpeutic is well known for making durable and low-cost exercise equipment. You may get this treadmill under 500 pounds! The TF900 Walking Electric Treadmill is a basic and light-weight model from Exerpeutic.

This under 500 compact home treadmill machine is perfect for walking. Its maximum running speed is up to 4 mph. This machine has a 1.5 horsepower quiet and durable motor.

This treadmills unique feature is their user weight capacity. The maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs! Basically, this machine is perfect for bulky users and seniors. It is the best walking treadmill under 500 dollars.

TF 900’s assemble is easy and straightforward. It may take 45-60 mins to set it up using its easy-to-understand user manual. You will find the user’s manual inside the box. Or, you can order amazon’s expert assembly service along with the treadmill.

This manual treadmill has a 36 inch long and 16 inches wide running track! Also, the ground-level running surface makes it easy to get on and off.

You can balance yourself using its long and grippe handlebar. Also, you can raise or lower the speed using the control button on the handlebar.

This 110 lbs light-weight and compact treadmill comes with transportation wheels. Its sturdy durable making makes this machine ideal for walking and strolling.

Exerpeutic TF900 has a touch screen display and control panel. You can check the time of workout and speed. As well as inclines, calories burnt, and EKG grip pulses.

You will fall in love with walking by using this High Capacity 350 lbs treadmill. It is one of the best budget-price treadmills for walking. Click here to check the current price or you can place an order on amazon by clicking here.


High quality Heavy steel frame

Direct Access Speed Keys

Hand Pulse Grips

XTRASoft Cushioned Deck

Manual Adjustable Incline

Folding deck design

Large running surface


2.25 Horse power powerful motor

0. 5 -10 mph speed range

5″ LCD console

Weight limit: 250 lbs.

Assembled Weight: 108 lbs.

Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 1 Yr on motor and 90 days on parts and labor

The XTERRA TR150 is an affordable best under $500  and well build treadmill. Its steel-made body can take up to 250 lbs users. This machine’s 50 inches long and 16 inches wide running deck is more like a commercial treadmill.

You can walk and jog on Tr150’s non-slip rubber belt. It is a heavy-duty soft cushioning running pad. This machine has a 2.25 hp silent motor. You can run from 0.5 to 10 mph by changing speed with its quick button.

XTRASoft cushioning on the running surface make workouts safer. Easy folding and transport wheel makes tr150 a portable treadmill inside the home.

This indoor treadmill has an easy-to-read 5 inches LCD. You can check speed, time, distance, etc in real-time. And, you will get 12 preset workout programs.

This black machine has a quick stop switch for an emergency. But, the sad news is its incline is not adjustable during workouts. There are 3 manual incline levels available.

You will get a year’s warranty on the motor. And, a lifetime warranty on the frame. Also, 90 days on parts and labor.

Spirit Fitness is not a well-established fitness equipment brand. But, they are making exercise equipment since 1983. TR150 is a popular model of the XTERRA series. You can compare this one with any commercial-grade treadmill on this budget.

If you want to check the current price of this treadmill please click here. Or, you can place an order on by clicking here.


Nine built-in workout program

Easy fold and Soft drop unfold

Large LCD display screen

Quick stop switch

Handrail controls


2.20 Horse Power Motor

Running surface 49L x 15.5W

0.5-9 mph speed

Weight: 103 lbs

Max. weight capacity: 220 lbs

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 is a budget-friendly best treadmill for 500 dollars. Despite being a low-cost treadmill, it has good construction.

SFT4000 has a 2.20 HP reliable motor. Its smooth and silent operation can reach up to 9.0 from 0.5 mph. This jogging treadmill can take max. 220lbs user weight. Which is not good for bulky users. Its manual incline lets you adjust from 0-4.37% max, enough to move the treadmill as you want.

Along with these features, this Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 treadmill has 9 preset workout programs and one manual mode to help you with your workout routine. This machine is a budget one. But, you will be wondering by its commercial features like soft drop unfold! As well as you will get handrail control, handgrip pulse monitor, emergency stop key, tablet holder like usual features.

This SF-T4400 is a small size, folding treadmill to use on the home. And, lightweight to carry anywhere you want. It has built-in transport wheels for mobility. Easy-to-assemble and compact size make this one a must-have for apartments too!

But, this basic treadmill is good for walking and not perfect for bulky people or intense workouts. If you are a tall person and taller than 5’10” and weigh more than 200lbs. Or you are looking for a machine to run and HIIT workout, you need to raise your budget and buy a high-end treadmill.

The SF-T4400 is a budget-friendly decently engineered unit. This machine will take care of your regular fitness needs within a small space of your house. So, if you are looking for an under 500 machine, grab this one now!


LCD digital monitor

Media port with AUX cable

Sunny H & F Apps facility

Dual bottle holders

Emergency stop clip

Pulse grip heart-rate sensors

Easy fold soft-drop hydraulic design with Transportation Wheels


2.2 Horse Power motor

0.5-9.0 mph speed

Fifteen incline levels

Product weight: 112 lbs

Maximum weight capacity 220 lbs

Warranty: 3 yrs for frame and 6 months for parts

Considering the price, the Sunny Health & Fitness T7705 is a feature-rich treadmill machine.  This is one of the best treadmill under 500 for running. Although the SF-T7705 is one of the treadmills released in 2017, it is still popular and available.

It has a similar motor and deck structure to the SF-T7603, however, it has a superior console and an automatic incline.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7705 has steel frame bars and a deck and it can take up to 220 lbs users without any problem! And, its rust-resistant coat will keep this machine as new for a long time.

Its console dashboard, rail covers, and motor cover are made of durable ABS material to make this machine longer lasting.

The Sunny SF-T7705 will take approx. 64” high x 27” wide of your floor area. The machine has a folding design. You can fold its surface and locked in a vertical position. Its length will be reduced to 34.5 inches (87.6 cm) when you fold it up. It has an air pressure cylinder on the folding system to prevent damage on folding and unfolding. It has also two metallic transportation wheels to move the machine from one place to another safely and easily.

This folding treadmill is basically made for home use. You can walk and jog properly. And, it does provide up to 9.0mph speed!

The deck of SFT7705 incorporates various cushioning elements. First of all, it has 6 inner pads and 4 silicone cushions, which will reduce vibrations. However, walking or running is more comfortable for the joints than walking on concrete.

Last but not least, this treadmill offers a larger walking deck (49″L x 15.5″W). And, it can suit users up to 6″ taller men. So, if it fits you check the current price and more features by clicking the button below.


Intense Studio Workouts

Comfort Cell Cushioning

Thumb Sensor Heart rate monitor.

Blue tint LCD display.

16000+ workout programs upon activation.

Tablet holder

Global workout experience.


Motor:  2.25 Horse Power

SpaceSaver: Yes

Tread Belt: 16″ W x 50″ L

Folding Capability: Yes

Speed Range: 0-10 MPH

Weight Capacity: 275 LBS

Warranty: 1 Year (Motor), 90 Days (Parts&Labor)

The Weslo G 5.9i is a machine that fits the budget comfortably. It is one of the budget treadmills with excellent qualities and the best treadmills for apartments. In our review below, we will point out the detailed features and advantages of the Cadence G 5.9i treadmill.

The G 5.9i powered by a 2.25 HP motor, which is good for a treadmill in its price range. Usually, extra horsepower is better, but the treadmills with large motors come with a costly price tag and bring more noise too.  Besides, the motor of this one is not entirely silent, but it is not so loud. The display is a blue-tinted LCD. You can monitor your speed, calories burned, heart-rate, time, etc. on that display. It’s a decent treadmill for home.

The treadmill has 16000+ preset exercise programs with iFit Membership (30 Days Free!), which will give you more options for doing your exercises. The exercise programs are created by professionals and certified personal trainers.

This folding treadmill is very light-weighted compared to another expensive ones. The 118lbs weighted running machine is very easy to move with the help of its wheeled base. Moreover, it is famous for its small size and lightweight.

This is suitable for those people who don’t have extra space in their house or apartment. You can easily fold up it after finishing your exercise.

The Cadence G 5.9i comes with a 2-point adjustable manual incline, which allows the user to run on a usual or inclined surface. You can make the surface incline by folding up the feet of the treadmill.

There is a heart icon sensor on the console, which calculates heart-rate. The speed range of the treadmill is between 0.5-10 mph. You can control the running speed by pressing the buttons on the console.

Although Weslo G 5.9i has some fundamental and helpful features, professionals or long-time runners don’t like or prefer this one.

Furthermore, the 50 x 16 inches track might be uncomfortable for some users. The users who have a height of 6ft or more may find this one uncomfortable.

The under 500 treadmill has only a 1-year motor warranty and only 90 days parts warranty, which is accurately a short time. This treadmill may have some disadvantages, but it can be a perfect treadmill for beginners who don’t want to spend lots of money on a treadmill.

Cadence G 5.9i is a cheap one with some useful and helpful features. It is the perfect choice for you if you want to buy a treadmill for house exercise without spending lots of money. It will also be suitable for you if you have a shortage of space in your house.

It is not a professional treadmill or someone with the practice of long-time running, may not find this one favorable. Although Weslo Cadence G 5.9i has some disadvantages, it is quite acceptable for its reasonable price. And, this among the best budget treadmill for beginners. So, grab your one now and start walking while you watching your favorite tv show!


Mechanical manual treadmill

LCD digital monitor

Four in one treadmill

Easy install and spece saving design

Vertical folding with 2 rolling wheels


Steel, MDF and EVA material:

Fifteen to tweenty degree incline

Product weight: 39.68 lbs

Maximum weight capacity 330 lbs

42″ handle height

The LZG Manual Treadmill is a great running machine for a whole-body workout. Thanks to its sporty 4-in-1 design, it is versatile and easy to handle. And, not only limited to jogging or running. This one is one of the best treadmill for home use under 500 dollars.

You might be wonder, how it’s possible to do full-body exercise on a treadmill! Let’s chat in short. You can do a sit-up, T-waist, draw rope, and jogging by its 4-in-1 features. There are separate unite for each exercise. As well as there is an additional massager attached to help you relax after the workout session.

Thus this treadmill has so many workout options but it’s a minimalistic manual machine. It is large but, no unnecessary features added. All you will find a straightforward exercise tool as your daily fitness companion.

As you know from its name, this one is a folding treadmill. So, you can fold it away and store it anywhere you want. And, there is two transportation wheel to move it from one place to another.

Oh! I forgot to mention, you need to keep it vertically after fold out. And, usually, this machines’ size is 21.65 inches in length, 43.3 inches wide, and 45.25 inches in height. But, it will be 21.65 inches in length and 43.3 inches in height after folding.

Although it is a 40lbs machine it can take up to 330 lbs users on its large and durable running deck. The runway size is 39.37″ L x 13.80″ W and there is 15 or 20 degrees incline support.

This machine is made of heavy-duty materials and you will get 24hrs email support from LZG for any kind of problem or query.

Where there you walk or run or looking for a whole-body workout machine. LZG Compact can be your best affordable choice.

Still confused! Check the current price of the LZG folding treadmill by clicking the button below!


Large LCD display

Water bottle holder

Transpiration wheel

Three manual incline

Full control on handrail

Shock absorption system

Heavy duty constructions

Tab and Smart phone holder

Easy fold and soft drop unfold

Nine built in workout programs


Color: Pink

Material: Steel

Product weight: 103 lbs

Motor: 2.20 peak horse power

Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs

Max. Speed: 0. 5 to 9. 0 mph speed

Running Surface: 49” L x 15.5” W

Folded Dimensions: 36″ L x 25.5″ W x 58″ H

Product dimensions: 62″ L X 25.5″ W X 50″ H

Warranty: 3 yrs for frame and 6 months for parts

This Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill is only available in pink color. You might think, why pink! Because this product is specially designed for women. This is one of the best treadmills for under 500 dollars!

After reviewing the spec and features you might think this is a basic machine. But, I can tell you its sturdy steel construction and professional built won’t disappoint you!

You might find a feature-rich treadmill at its budget. But, as we all know, a well-known brand is well known for its product quality. Sunny Health & Fitness is making treadmills since 1998. So, you can defiantly rely on their product.

Click the button below and check out current deals on this pink cuteee! always surprise their customers with awesome deals!


  • Large Blue Backlight LCD
  • Powerful but silent pure copper motor
  • Fifteen preset workout programs.
  • Transpiration Wheels to move easily.
  • Three manual incline
  • Easy control on the handrail
  • Multi-layer EVA shock absorption deck
  • BMI and heart rate measurements.
  • One-key speed up function.
  • Easy fold and unfold
Top 10 Best Treadmill Under 500 Dollars 1
MaxKare Electric Folding Treadmill


  • Color: Gray and Black
  • Material: N/A
  • Product weight: 94.8 lbs
  • Motor: 2.5 horsepower
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Max. Speed: 0. 5 to 8.5 mph speed
  • Running Surface: 49” L x 17” W
  • Folded Dimensions: 32.7” L x 25.6” W x 51.2” H
  • Product dimensions: 54.8” L x 25.6” W x 44.5” H
  • Warranty: N/A

MaxKare Electric Folding Treadmill is a budget-friendly treadmill for beginners. It is a home treadmill. This machine is easy to assemble and they have a 24/7 customer-friendly support center. Also, Amazon offers expert assemble solutions for specific areas.

This machine’s tread-belt is a multi-layered running surface. The first layer is wear-resistant and 2nd layer will help you reduce noise. The third one is high strength reinforcement layer. The fourth layer is for shock absorption with EVA technology. And, the last one is high strength support layer.

The whole treadmill is equipped with an anti-shock system to make your workout comfortable and protect your knees. On other hand, it has 3 manual inclines and 15 workout programs to make your workout challenging.

So, bring this noise-less treadmill to your home and start jogging indoor! Click the button below to check current deals and more feature details.


Huge 400 lbs weight capacity.

Best for walking.

Motorized electric treadmill

Easy Assembly

Long handrail to ensure riders safety.

Compact frame.

Safety Key


Motor: 1.5 CHP

Maximum weight:  400 pounds

Belt dimensions: 40”x 20”

Folding: Yes

Incline: Manual, 2 positions

Motor Speed: 0.1- 4.0 MPH

Warranty: 5 years for motor, 1 year for frame, and 3 months for parts.

The treadmill is a great fitness trainer among all fitness equipment. But there are different kinds of treadmills in the market. So, there are individuals feature on the treadmill which depends on its price. If you are searching for a reliable treadmill trainer within $500, you can try the Exerpeutic TF1000. Because of the huge 400 lbs maximum weight capacity it’s the perfect treadmill for seniors and bulky peoples. You will know more about the machine below.

This machine is really easy to use. First of all, this machine has an LCD monitor. Here is a start and stop button that helps you to start and pause the machine. The LCD monitor tracks speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. In fact, it has a high capacity for walking. It has also a safely key on its monitor.

The electric motor has 1.5 HP high torque power. That’s why it is the best inexpensive treadmill for walking in this price range. The starting speed of the machine is 0.1 MPH and the high speed is 4.0 MPH. You can watch TV and listen to music while walking.

The running space of the treadmill is pretty large. It’s 40”x20”. If you are a tall and bulky person, you can easily run over the belt for its large trade belt width.  And it has the extra-long 18” safety handles. This is longer than the other trainer’s handles. The running speed can be adjustable by this handle. It is very easy to getting on and getting down.

This treadmill can be assembling very easily. You can unfold it and can assemble all the parts very easily. It will not take the time for more than 10 minutes. The manual has clear setup instructions.

The Exerpeutic walking electric treadmill has a 2 position manual incline feature. You can do the incline position very easily to change the intensity level of your workout. Burning more calories and gaining more strength when you are on the treadmill. This treadmill is very easy to fold and store.

The TF1000 Treadmill is a great walking fitness trainer. It became great because of its high weight capacity. The resistance of the machine is awesome. Its longer handle helps you for your safety. You can increase and reduce the speed of the machine by the handlebar. You can listen to the song while walking. You can get healthy and fit with this trainer. This is a perfect trainer for you. You can buy it without any confusion. offers free delivery, so if you are looking for a large user weight capacity walking treadmill place your order on Amazon now!


Companion App

Soft gel cushioning

Transpiration wheel

Mirage LED console

Wireless remote control

Padded foam hand grips

Auto-stop safety function

Low impact fiberboard deck

A rubberized smart device holder

No assembly needed, plug and play!


Color: Black

Motor: 1.0 HP Eco

Material: Aluminum

Product weight: 83.8 lbs

Max. Speed: 1 to 5.6 mph speed

Maximum weight capacity: 242.5 lbs

Running Surface: 47.2” L x 17.3” W

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Folded Dimensions: 38″ L x 31″ W x 6.5″ H

Product dimensions: 60″ L X 31″ W X 35″ H

Dynamax RunningPad is a smart and compact treadmill for the home. You can use and store this machine anywhere you want. Even you can take it with you anywhere you want. Its super-compact feature lets you fold this machine and make it a small device for good portability.

This machine operates quietly because of its 1 horsepower ECO-friendly motor. It has an acceleration and deceleration zone on its large running pad. You can control your running speed right from the running pad if you want. Or, you can use the wireless remote too.

As we mentioned before, this treadmill has Mirage LED display and RunningPad App to track and monitor your workout progress in real-time.

If you want to grab one of these treadmills for your family, please click the button below to check more features and the current price of this smart treadmill.


Remote controls

Rubber Foot Mat

Under desk design.

Transportation wheels

12 workout programs

Noise and vibration-free

Emergency safety button

LED with Touch controls

Shock Absorption Design

Lightweight and compact size


Color: Black

Motor: 1.0 HP Eco

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Mode: Auto & Manual

Material: Steel + ABS

Product weight: 55.5 lbs

Running Surface: 41” L x 17” W

Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Product dimensions: 51.5″ L X 23.5″ W X 6″ H

GOPLUS Electric walking treadmill is a smart solution for home and office users under 500 dollars. This small but sturdy walking machine will allow you to use it anywhere including under your office desk. And, you can add any stand and desk with this machine.

This treadmill aims to be built for office users mainly. So, users can walk and work! And, its compact design will let you store anywhere you want. And, the transportation wheel makes the task easier.

This treadmill has been equipped with a 1.0 Eco-friendly motor. It will operate silently and deliver enough power to walk in a motion. You will get a remote control to operate the treadmill. And, there is a touch function available on the LED screen.

This machine has a 2” default incline to make the workout session challenging. Another issue to mention is, you will get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. And, if something happens within this period you will get a free service along with free parts (if needed).

So, if you are looking for a treadmill for your office or home office, click the button below. It will redirect you to a product detail page to know the features and current price of the smart & compact treadmill.


12 workout programs

powerful motor

over current protection

emergency stop switch

handrail control button

MP3 player integrated


LED display monitor

0.5- 7.5 mph speed

Max user capacity: 300 lbs

5-layer running belt

43.3” x 15.7” surface for run.


Silkworm Slow Rebound Shock Absorption Technology(SSAT)

folding and portable design

OVICX Intelligent Treadmill

Fitness data sync and sharing

Silent Operation

“Fatigue Slowdown Button” for intelligent speed control


1.25/3.0 Horse Power Motor

LED display screen

Fitshow App

Max Speed: 8.7 mph

Treadmill Weight: 94.80 Ibs

Max User Weight Capacity: 264.55 Ibs


Large Desk

12 preset workout programs

Less than 60db noise

Multiple layered tread belt

Improved anti-shock cushioning

Both sided LED display


2.25 Horse Power motor

0.5 – 7.5 mph speed

LCD Display screen

Max. user weight capacity: 265 lbs

40” x 16.60” running surface


Self-cooling technology

Light and Powerful Motor

Silent in operation

64 Preset workout programs

High definition MP3 audio


3.0 Horse Power motor

1 – 8.5 mph speed

3 manual incline

5” Large Backlit Monitor

15mm running deck


12 workout programs

Easy folding and soft drop unfolding

Safety Key emergency stop switch on the handrail

Intelligent Folding

3 levels adjustable power incline

Pro-cushion design on both side


2.5 HP impulse motor

0. 5 – 9 mph

5 inch blue-ray LCD screen

Power: 1100 W

Treadmill Weight: 132 lbs

Max. user weight capacity: 220 lbs


Nine preset workout programs

Built in BMI (Body Max Index)

Lubrication notification on Smart Console

8 cushioning points to reduce shock/vibration

Automatic sleep mode to save power when left on idle

3.5 mm aux port and Bluetooth connectivity


1.5 Horse Power motor

0-7.5 mph speed

LED backlit screen

Running Platform: 47” L x 15.7” W

Max. user weight capacity: 220 lbs


Space Saving Design

12 preset workout programs

Safety Key stop for emergency case

Made of premium steel

Low Noise operation


1 Horse Power motor

Treadmill Weight: 51 lbs

Max. user weight capacity: 220 lbs

Frequency: 60Hz

Voltage: 110V


Mobile phone holder

Comfortable Cushioning

Wear resistant surface

Five layered surface

Easy self Lubrication


1.5 HP vacuum motor

0.5-6 mph speed

LCD Display

Max. user weight capacity: 220 lbs

Volatge: AC110V

Running surfce: 14.2” W x 40.9” L


Commercial grade Crank Horsepower Motor.

EKG Sensor Grip Pulse Hart Rate Monitoring

Digital Auto Incline

SpaceSever Folding Design

16000+ workout program with iFit Couch membership


2” Dual Audio Speaker

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill
ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill under 500


Motor: 2 Crank Horsepower

Incline: Quick Digital Incline (0 – 10%)

Tread Belt:16” W x 50” L

Speed Range: 0-10 MPH (QuickSpeed Technology)

Weight Capacity: 300 LBS

Workout Programs: 16 pre-programmed

Warranty: 5 Year (Motor), 90 Days (Parts&Labor)

No other Treadmill is as good as the ProForm 300i in medium-range price. Its 2.0 CHP motor speeds up the belt at 10mph and inclines the power to 10%. That can easily adjustable by a button touch without any power break. This 300i home treadmill uses the ProShox moderating system on its running surface. This system exploits maximum sudden effect by releasing pressure from the knees, ankles, and hip.

ProForm 300i is a total package with dings and pipes for an effective gym-type workout experience at your home! You can try any of its 16 workout programs. This workout is only designed for fat burn and progress your fitness with fun! You can connect an iPod for listening to music and iFit for enjoying more exercise tastes. If you want to look at your improvements, you can trace exercise data by iFit. It provides the heart rate monitor by connecting with the grip sensors. Most of the treadmills only can monitor the heart rate with contact sensors at this mid-range price. But here the 300i treadmill can provide the use of a chest strap to monitor the heart rate. The chest strap of the heart speed monitor ensures that you are remaining in your mark heart zone. It is the main feature of this good value treadmill. So for a huge workout, what you need that all are in this budget treadmill for running.

Another feature of this apartment-sized treadmill is the console. It has 16 workouts programmed that help you to burn fat and improve your fitness. By using iFit you can gain an unlimited quantity of exercise. It also provides you with exercise data. You can also connect it with Google and iFit.  And for the point of the price, it is unrivaled from others.

This is a good treadmill to buy and the only problem we found is the size of its surface of running. It’s only 50”x16”. If you are tall, the 16” should be narrow for your footfalls when you run hard. In this price range, you cannot get better from this. If you want a larger surface, then you have to pay a few more money. So, 300i is the best affordable treadmill if you can compromise this trade belt problem. And, for regular use, it’s not a problem at all.

The delivery costs will depend on where you buy and what kind of delivery you want. For your kind information, provides free delivery. You can buy from amazon now, amazon is the best place to buy a treadmill!

For gathering The ProForm 300i Treadmill, the teaching manual has 12 steps of outlines. You need your Philips screwdriver and also need needle-nose pliers. The ProForm gives you the Allen wrench for completing the process. For all of the bolts and screws, it takes up to an hour for the ProForm 300i Treadmill for completing all setup processes.

This treadmill is greater than any other exercise equipment that is found under 500 dollars. It is a quality full and well-made treadmill with an excessive console. It gives you many exercise opportunities. And it also gives you the capability to use the chest band heart level monitor. The errors of this machine are only for the taller users for its running surface. But it’s a very simple error. You can take this 300i treadmill without any fear, it is the best kind of treadmill on this budget.


A great machine for jogging

Folding and easy to store.

3 adjustable manual incline

Maximum Weight: 265 pounds

LED Display with pulse grips.

12 preset programs.

Easy to move on.

Workout data contains time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate.


Star Rating: 1-stars

Incline: Yes

Folding: Yes

Motor:  1.5 HP

Top Speed: 7.5 MPH

Weight Capability: 250 pounds.

Built-In Programs: 12

Weight: 62 pounds

This Electric Treadmill is a great home fitness trainer for good jogging or walking. But if you want to run by this Treadmill, it would not be the best choice for you. Because of its low running space, it might be uncomfortable for you to run on if you are a tall person. The running surface area is 43.3” x15.7”. If we compare this treadmill’s running surface area with others, we easily can understand this. Most of the treadmill which is made for running, their running surface area is between 50” to 60”. They mainly allow running stride for running workout. For comparing you can look at the Weslo Cadence G 5.9.

Its 1.5 HP motor is very reliable and it can create top speed up to 7.5 mph. And it can resist up to 265 pounds’ weight. This machine has also 12 pre-planned different types of workout programs. This program will help you to get fit without spending money on any type of expensive personal professional trainer. So, you’re getting a great walking fitness trainer in your home.

The multi-functional LED display shows you every necessary information that is needed for a good workout. It tracks time, speed, distance, and calories burn.

12 preset workout lineups are involved in this machine. They control the speed for 30 minutes of the machine. The simple program is for scrolling the light and its top speed is 3 mph. This machine has also the most challenging program. And the top speed for this program is 6 mph. it also can be used as a manual mode.

It takes not more than 30 minutes to assemble this machine. It has an adjustable incline. It can be used in level or at 3 incline settings. This machine takes less space than most of the treadmill. Its downside space is just 21.2” wide and 52” at length.

This treadmill has an attached wheel on its own. So, you can fold it easily and move it from here to there very easily by the wheel. This is a helpful feature. You can use it in your living room and also can store it anywhere. When the treadmill is folded, then its dimensioned is 54″ x 25.5″ x 23″. And this under $300 treadmill weighs are only 62 pounds.

This machine can make the top speed up to 7.5 mph. That is very important for jogging and walking. On the other hand, at this low price, the other treadmill has not this level of capacity. This fitness trainer has a resistance of 250 pounds of weight. It cannot run well at high speed with the fewer weight people.

The warranty is; motor for 1 year and parts for 1 year.

The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill is really awesome for its short size and low weight. It is a great machine for jogging and walking. If you’re looking for a good home fitness trainer but your budget is tight, then you should go with this product. The price of this product is around 300 dollars. This machine has some wonderful features. But it has also a problem, this machine is not designed to run. But if we say the other feature, then it is the best workout treadmill in this ranged price. So, you should choose this machine if you’re a beginner. You can buy this product without any confusion.

You can buy from amazon to get free home delivery!

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill


Ample Workout Options

Soft Drop Technology

Smooth Speed Options

Easy Assembly

Lubrication Alert

Shock Absorption Deck


Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmills, Motorized Running Machine


Supported weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)

Motor: 2.20 HP

Incline: Manual, 3 levels, 0-8%

Speed levels: 9 MPH

Training programs: 9

Pulse sensors: Built-in handlebars

Performance monitor: Yes

Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 90 days

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill is a great innovation by Sunny Health and Fitness Company. Let’s check why this one is listed among our best treadmills under 500 dollars list.

At first, the 2.2 Horse Power peak DC motor is the first important thing that grabs my attention. For a long time, I have been a supporter of Iconic fitness equipment brands and their treadmills as well.

However, when I learned that the Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill is the most ordered treadmill on Amazon and I had to try it once. So, I started reading all customer reviews and watching customer reviews on this machine. Finally, I found that this machine is a super piece of fitness gear for all kinds of users. Here is why:

Treadmills from renowned brands usually cost more than usual. But obviously, it packed with lots of features also.

Under 500 Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill, is matched all costly machine quality at a lower price from a reliable brand.

First off, assembly of any fitness gear needs rigging before use. Sometimes it comes with 100 types of components to attach. And, this machine comes nearly 99.9% preassembled.

All you need to attach three preassembled components with 8 screws and washers to join them together.

And you will get the required tools also! An Allen wrench and a screw are already packed with the treadmill all you need ten to fifteen minutes to assumable it. In the manual book, all steps illustrated in detail and help you to assemble the whole unit.

And, in case, if you need expert helps, you can order amazon expert assembly while you order this unit. Just click the button below and make your order with expert assembly.

You will get belt lubrication oil along with the setup. And, you need to lubricate the deck and belt also before you start using any brand-new treadmill.

This SF-T7603 treadmill needs periodic lubrication after every 188 miles according to the manual book and the best thing is, you do not need to remember this. This machine has a warning built on the console it will remind you after 188 miles. Lubrication is an easy process and is explained in detail in the manual.

Getting back to the performance, two things impressed me, that is the soft fold system and its user profile range. Usually, a 500-dollar treadmill doesn’t offer this much.

Unlike other folding treadmills, these tools fold up very easily and fold down even easier. Just release the latch and keep the deck up, it folds down on its own, and slows down to nears the ground. A nice additional afterthought of Sunny Health & Fitness.

As for user-profiles, every profile has its range of difficulty. And, they will maintain a range specific heart rate. Unfortunately, the heart rate sensors don’t work for the profiles they will just give a basic reading.

You can manually play with the profiles to continue a specific MHR level. Both of the handles have heart rate sensors and start-stop switches are divided into two. And, they fold too!

The limitations of this treadmill are 220 pounds; this is where I feel disappointed since cheaper foldable machines have more weight capacity. The actual treadmill machine weighs just 103 pounds, so it isn’t that heavy to tug.

You will get a maximum of 9 mph and a minimum of 0.5 mph setting. Quick settings allow you to set as 2, 4, 6, and 9 mph.

The inclination is manual on this treadmill but you don’t need to dismount to do this. It is easier to reach the backflip switch on the deck with legs to increase inclination quickly.

You have a total of 2 options with an inclination and default plain. Overall, there are satisfactory features available in this Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603.

Quick speed selections, two incline manual settings, and nine profiles for flexible workouts are really helpful for users. Overall, you will get a lot of easy-to-use features like a thousand dollars treadmill.

Soft drop technology is the biggest selling point of this gear, the fact is, this foldable treadmill is easy to fold up and also fold down is quite smooth. Your home floor will never-ever scuff again and neither it will make noise.

When you want to control your workout session, 9mph is the quickest speed settings you will get here. This is perfect for all fitness lovers who want to control their workout sessions by using the heart rate monitor system.

Detailed instruction on a manual booklet and tools make this machine easy to assemble and start jogging. SF-T7603 assembly needs around ten to fifteen minutes to assemble. All you need to set 8 screws and three pre-assembled large parts.

This machine will automatically warn you after you reach 188 miles of maintenance periods. And, you will get a treadmill lubrication bottle oil also. So, no need to worry about which oil to use from the start.

As I said before this foldable treadmill has a soft drop system similar to the doors and windows close without making that loud noise. So, you need to keep oiling after a certain period to maintain this smoothness.

If you want to read more about T7603 check ours details Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill 2020 Review here.

Or, you can place an order on Amazon and enjoy free home delivery!


The Gymbikelab team has tried to pick all top treadmill within budget. Here is the list of top treadmill under 500 dollar. Now its time to grab your one. Check all specification and price. Most of them has free shipping facility from amazon. Check individually and bring the best treadmill under $500 to your home gym.

There was a said, “Health is the key to happiness”. Exercise regularly, be healthy, keep your body fit. Stay tuned with us!

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