How to Repair Exercise Bike (Troubleshooting | Service)

Exercise bikes are a standout among the most amazing things you can have in your home. They’re simple to utilize, convenient, and give incredible outcomes when used appropriately.

The issue is that these machines are not made to last forever. You might face issues with your indoor bike sooner or later. And you might find yourself googling about How to Repair an Exercise Bike and getting yourself confused. But, we’ve got your back here; we’ll help you fix your recumbent bike or elliptical trainer when it needs repairs.

It’s best if you check the warranty of the workout machine that is causing trouble. If you still have a warranty on the machine, it’s best to contact the manufacturer first. Opening the bike or doing something on your own might void the warranty, and that’s the last thing you want.

Anyways, you’ll find helpful step-by-step tips and tricks for fixing indoor exercise bicycles here. That includes recumbent bikes, upright bicycles, spin cycles as well as your apartment’s elliptical bike.

Well, you might not be in the mood of wasting time while you have an exercise bike lying around, broken. So, let’s start by figuring out what exactly is the problem with your exercise bike!

Identify the Problem – How Does Exercise Equipment Work and How to Fix it?

So, something is wrong with our indoor exercise bike, and you want to get it fixed. The first step toward any solution here will be finding out what exactly is the problem with it. Once you find out the problem, you’ll be able to get it fixed easily and effectively.

If something is wrong inside the bike, you might need to open the pedals and the side panels. And opening an exercise bike will require some tools such as Allen Keys, Phillip screwdriver, wrench, and Crank Puller. You’ll find some of these in your garage toolbox.

  • Check if the bike is on a flat and even floor
  • Check if the machine is plugged in properly (if it requires electricity)
  • If it makes weird noises, identify the source
  • Replace the display battery if the display is dead
  • Unplug the machine and open the pedals or cranks and the hood for inner inspection
  • Look for any burning marks or smells
  • Look for loose nuts, bolts, or other parts
  • Check if the tension belt is in the right position and is in the right condition
  • Check if the wirings and the other electrical parts are functional
  • Check if any wires, belts, parts are stuck or broken

Pheew! You bet that’s a lot of checking. However, if you find out the problem, you are by now one step closer to solving your exercise bike problem. Don’t worry if you do not have all the tools required to open the bike. You can only find something like the Crank Puller in a pro cyclist’s garage or bike repair shops. And this isn’t that expensive, you can get a Park Tool CCP-22 Crank Puller in just a few dollars.

Now that we have an idea about the indoor bicycle problem, let’s get it fixed!

Some common problems with solutions

Squeaking Sound

The common things for the stationary bike are rattling or hitting noise issues. The solution to the exercise bike trouble is regularly maintaining to the maximum time. When the belt, pedal, wheels, or motor becomes jammed by the rust, the sound turns into squeaking. Another reason for the weird noise or vibrating of the machine can be an uneven floor or wrong positioning. A floor mat might solve the problem here, this CyclingDeal Bike Mat is pretty solid for a stationary bike.

Suppose you want to remove the squeaking sound from your upright bike. First of all, you have to find the noise where it births. The sound comes from the jam pedals or belt, most probably. Then, to ensure a smooth programmer, you have to strip away the bike. And you also have to clean and polish that place. You have to make a weekly or fortnightly routine. By maintaining the practice, you can get away from this problem. 

If you find any crack on the belt, it’s better to replace it. Working out on a worn-out or not-so-good-conditioned machine is not a good idea. To sum it up, check these, and that should take care of the weird sound and vibration of the stationary bike.

  • Floor adjustments check
  • Belt health check
  • Lubricating the belt and joints check
  • Loose nuts check
  • Broken parts check

If you find something broken, contact the manufacturer and claim the warranty if possible. If not, get the replacement part that is worn out or broken.

Slipping of the Belt

Slipping off the exercise belt is a very well-known problem—the pressure you put on the bike, most of the pressure sop on the belt. Suppose the belt slips away again and again like a manual roller. Then, it would be best if you had to replace the belt.

This can also happen if some joints inside are stiffed over time. You can use a silicon-based lubricant here and avoid a petroleum-based one. IMPRESA Lubricants will be one of the best recommendations, this one is good.

Here are some steps for you that might get rid of this slippery issue.

Step 1: Power Off and Unplug:

Before fixing the bike, you make sure you unplug it. This is the universal step when you touch a machine to fix it, safety first.

Step 2: Remove the Pedals: 

You’ll need the Crank Puller, Allen Keys, or Phillips screwdriver to remove the pedals. As mentioned earlier, these tools might or might not be available in your garage. If you do not have these, you can get a multipurpose toolbox. Many people have the DEKOPRO Toolbox,  it’s reliable. Anyways while opening the pedals keep in mind that the right pedal will open clockwise. And the opposite pedal will open over anti-clockwise. Removing the pedals might not seem that easy; one step at a time, and you’ll be good.

Step 3: Remove the side panel:

You have to remove the pedals to remove the side panels. Once you’ve done that, unscrew the screws on the side panels and detach them from the main body. A matching Philips screwdriver will do the job here.

Step 4: Losen the Belt Tension:

You have to drop the belt’s tension. The Eddie Mech sloth bracket might be quite hard for the exercise bike. You will find a large alteration nut and sloth bolt on both of the lower and outer sides of that bracket. Adjusting those two nuts, you can tight or lose the tensions.

Step 5: Remove Eddy Mechanism or Relevant Part:

You can more tighten the belt by following those four steps. And you have to remove the Eddy Mechanism into the machine to change the belt. By doing this, you have to relieve the tension of the cable. You must know the cable is always connected with a motor.

Step 6: Replace The Belt if needed: 

After releasing the tension cable, you have to remove an Eddie Mech part from the main body of the bike. So you can remove it quickly. Also, you can install the new belt. After that, you can plug in the cable in the same place. If you are a learner, you should have to face some problems with this belt. But now you know about the trouble and also the solution. So it should not be an idler for you anymore.

Error Codes

You might notice a few error codes of the stationary bike like E1, E6. A manual machine like a bike roller or treadmill doesn’t have this kind of problem. But, if you own an exercise machine with an electric console, you may face this kind of problem.

If there is a problem with that electric console, the bike might fail to start. The error code can be different depending on the model of the stationary bike. Check out the user manual first if you face a condition like this. Then, reach out to the manufacturer if the problem is not fixed.

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

The mechanism of the magnetic strength is situated in the center of the standing bike. That is used to build the bike’s resistance and created with a pedaling action, electric circuit, gearbox, and flywheel.

So the basic idea of a magnetic resistance mechanism is quite simple. There’s a metal flywheel and some magnets at the bottom or anywhere near it (depending on the model). Typically when you lower the resistance, the magnet gets away from the flywheel. And when you increase the resistance level, the opposite happens, resulting in the pedals getting stiffer.

And anything preventing that is the cause of magnetic resistance failure. So, fix the problem, and resistance adjustment will be as good as new. The most common problem here is the magnets falling off. And the small motor controlling the magnet movement can also malfunction in some cases. Anyways let’s fix it.

Step 1: Power Off & Unplug:

As mentioned earlier, unplug the bike before you tear it apart.

Step 2: Remove the Pedals

Remove the pedals with Crank Puller and other tools needed. You’ll need to remove the pedals to detach the side panels.

Step 3: Remove Side Panels

After the pedals are removed, get rid of the side panels by removing the screws on them. A Philips screwdriver will help here.

Step 4: Check Gearbox & Wheels

The gearbox and the wheel can be identified easily. There are tension cables linked to them. You’ll find the gearbox of the motor if you look for something like this. Check if it’s broken or malfunctioned. If so, the best way out of it will be to get a new one from the manufacturer.

Step 5: Check and Fix the Magnets

Check out the magnetic resistance panel and the parts it’s connected to. Put the magnet in its place if it falls off. Check for stiffness in the structure; if you find so, try lubricating them.

After that, it is so easy to check that the magnetic strength is running well or not. For changing the tension of the cable, the magnetic slab will go deep or more come outside. If it is not occurring, then you have to alter the wheel or gearbox. For requiring it, you can make a connection with the service provider. The motor gearbox price should be between 15 dollars to 30 dollars.

Here is a quick video tutorial from Fitness Equipment Help on How to tighten the driver belt at home. Check it out!

Exercise Bike Maintenance Tips

You can remove the maximum problem of the bike by applying a constant protection method. You should start regularly on the following points. It’s all about a standard bike protection procedure.  

  • Clean the exercise item with a microfiber cloth (without using any liquids).
  • Test the straps and the pedals
  • Observe the validity of all the sensors
  • Check out the squeaking or grinding noise
  • Set the belt pressure regularly
  • Polish the motor, flywheel, and pedals
  • Remove any kind of oil or dust

You can use any old t-shirt or old towel to clean and wipe the indoor exercise cycle. Or use the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, this thing is universal and handy.

Final Verdict

Now you are in the know about how to fix an exercise bike or bike-related hardware issues. The problems can be fixed, and you can do them yourself just with a bit of practice. If you still aren’t sure what you are doing, check online for some videos that will take you step-by-step through the process. If all else fails, then pay a professional to get the job done.

Saying that most exercise bikes come with lengthy guarantees, so you don’t have to worry about doing these fixes yourself. Either way- have fun on your exercise bike and lead a healthy lifestyle with this nifty piece of equipment!

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  1. Treads of my weslo exercise bikes crank handle are gone.where can I get another left side crank. Also how to replace it tie how to remove the old one, Model NoWLEX61110.3

    1. Hello Malik,
      Please check your email. We sent a Manual for Model No WLEX61110.3. You need to check option 12 for the solution. And, click here to buy weslo exercise bikes crank handle.

      Thanks and Regards

  2. the problem with my matriz stacionary bike,is i put on a program,it dosent finish,,i did change the batery,and still the same,wath i shoul do,this is de model,hure-3-x-c serial n/ep60312010041
    thank for anyone tha can help me

    1. Hello Pedro,
      Sorry to know you face problem using your Matrix U3xe Upright Cycle. If you have problem with your control panel you should contact Matrix Fitness Support Team quickly. The can resolve your problem.
      Here is the email address: or you can call: Mary Dixon (+1 248 215 6859) from sales team.
      Hope they will help you to resolve your problem.

  3. Good morning,
    I have had a new exercise bike Amelia the tension does not work.
    Can you tell me should the main post be connected?
    Ie the main post leading up to the control?
    Regards ,Phil

    1. Hello Phill,

      It will be better if you mention the product name and model number. By the way, you can follow our easy four-step fixing. Please take a look into our “Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems” section and follow the mentioned four-step. Hope it will help you to resolve problems.


  4. I have a Gold’s Gym 400 ri stationary bike. I went to hook up the bluetooth and decided not too. The bike worked fine up to that point. Now I have nothing – the screen doesn’t work and they want 200.00 to see what is wrong with it. CRAZY I swear IFIT did something when I said no.

  5. The electrical plug in post on the front of my Schwinn excersize bike is damaged. Where can I get a replacement post?

  6. Bought the proform with the IFit. The trainer led work outs are on the complete opposites on the resistance than the bike. It’s like the signals are crossed. Any thoughts what could be off?

  7. I just assembled a Schwin model 270 . It works fine except the the instrument light does not go ou automatically after use. Please advise what I need to do.

  8. Can you please help with instructions on how to replace the flywheel on a Spirit XBU55 upright exercise bike? I already replaced the gear motor and the cable that connects the gear motor and the flywheel. Still, the resistance does not go up (I see the gear motor move and the other end that connects to the flywheel move up/down).

  9. Can you please help I have a reebok REV-11201(AP-1050-2) the power adaptaor is broken and reebok web site says they are out of stock also the control panel is loose i think a bolt is missing – do you know of a service centre or alternative source ( West Midlands area please)

  10. Anthony van den Bosch

    Hi I have a BTM spin bike but the pedals keep slipping at higher resistance . I’m guessing it’s a belt problem or the alignment of the flywheel . Can you help .

  11. Hi on moving my Gold Roger Black Exercise bike it is showing e1. The pedals can turn but only at a constant resistance. All readings advance ok e.g. time, calories etc. Cannot set up programs. What’s wrong?

    1. Hello David,

      Maybe something like rust or dirt jam the lever, you can use WD40 to clean it. And, it would be better if you check the manual guide. Or, you can reply the model number so that we can check and let you know the solution.

  12. I have an old Bladez SXPro exercise bike and the rear axel has broken (the crank sheared off right at the axel). I know that the parts are no longer available but do you have any hints as to how to remove the broken axel in case there is another part that may fit?

  13. Alan Beaumont-Guy

    Hello, I have a Horizon Focus 308 exercise bike purchased in March 2008 and after many years good service the drive belt seems to have either broken or slipped off resulting in zero tension. It had been showing signs of slipping for a few years now so now my bike cannot be used. If I could access a manual I would try the repair myself as I can access the spare part here in the UK. The ‘how to’ videos on YouTube are not comprehensive enough for me so any advice would be welcome.

  14. Hey,

    I’ve got a folding exercise bike.
    The flywheel started scraping against the magnetic resistance and has now completely stopped turning.

    It appears as though the flywheel is out of alignment and is sat at an angle instead of completely vertical.

    Is there anyway of fixing this?

  15. hello, I just changed the magnetic resistance part with no issues but now when we pick a workout and says start peddling and we do, nothing happens, it gets stuck there. I can see a sensor next to the peddle wheel, but even after adjusting it in and out, it still says start peddling. Thanks for your help

  16. I have a pro-form 230U Model 831.21813.2. The batteries died and when I put new ones in it started making this clanging noise and I can hardly pedal it. Do you now what I can do to fix this? Thank you .Mary Lou

  17. Do you know where to buy a tension belt bearing for a Schwinn 170 upright exercise bike. Im having trouble finding any parts for it. Bikes only a little over a year old but bearings are making noise only when being pedaled.

  18. I have a JFGUOYA?? Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser, neither of the tensions are working correctly (they tighten slightly but loosen to nothing after only a little use and both top and bottom get hot after about 10-15 minutes of use. Can I somehow take the pedal pieces apart and repair? or do I need to replace them?

    1. Hello Dekidia,

      Sorry to know about your problem. We think it will be better to replace the pedals. The pedals are attached to the lower stand. So, you need to replace the lower stand along with the pedals. And, you can buy a new one at that price! You can check the current price of a new Pedal Exerciser by clicking here.

      Wish you good luck!
      Stay Safe!

  19. We have 2 Exercycle (brand) machines. One is a Model 129, and other is a newer one. Gearbox is leaking, and hope you might advise what type of oil should be used.
    Thank you,

  20. Jackie Siekert

    Hi, we have a very nice NordicTrack® – GX 4.7 recumbent bike that my husband uses daily.
    Now the wheel has LOCKED up, which is a subject I can’t find anywhere online. People say their wheel is slipping, never locked. I unplugged and replugged, and then pedaled backwards, which unlocks it for a little while. I truly HATE to send it to the landfill, I would much rather have it fixed.
    Any suggestion would be very appreciated.

    1. Hello Jackie,

      You need to open and clean the pedal unit. Instructions are given on DX 4.7’s manual book. Or, you can call a nearby exercise bike repair service. Hopefully, it will help!
      Stay Safe!

  21. Well, it doesn’t tell how to do that in my owner’s manual. Shows how to assemble the bike, but it looks like the pedal unit was already together. My hesitation in calling someone is that we’ve done that for various appliances, paid a huge amount and they didn’t get fixed. I do hate to throw things like this in the landfill.

  22. Hello. I have a Schwinn SR23 recumbent exercise bike that I absolutely love and recently the pedals are slipping. Originally the slipping only occurred one or two rotations during higher resistance but now the slipping occurs repeatedly with resistance. I purchased a new belt with the intention of replacing it if the original was worn. After examining the belt it was in excellent shape (no visible wear) and the tension was good. Upon further research it was suggested that the problem was the clutch bearing. I would appreciate your opinion on my problem and any suggestions you may have on my next steps. I am torn between spending money to have it repaired and buying a new machine (which does not excite me.) Thank you.

  23. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the great service you provide. I am an indoor bike user with a Lifecore recumbent bike, Model 1000rb. The console has shut down with a reading that says “ERR4”. This is the 3rd console that my bike has had. Lifecore is now out of business. Do you know of an electronic repair service that could fix my bike console?


  24. I have a recumbent Schwinn 230 bike and after 3 months I hear a clicking noise on pedal rotation.. I took apart housing and cannot see belt slipping or a loose fly wheel—any suggestions or solutions? Does Schwinn have a customer service # to problem solve noise problem?

  25. I have a Schwinn 213 recumbent bike and the screen stopped showing the RPM, DISTANCE, SPEED/CALORIES and RESULTS. The timer countdown still works as does the heart rate. There were no issues with it a day ago when I last used it and there have been no power issues. I tried unplugging both from the outlet and the bike but that didn’t help. Any suggestions on how to get this working again would be appreciated.

  26. Ha be an Orbit upright exercise bike.
    Several years old but a problem has developed.
    The tensioning motor no longer works.
    The motor itself does work , I have confirmed this by applying appropriate voltage to the plea of the motor , a problem with the electronic controls I think.
    Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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