The Truth about Keeping Your Treadmill Outside your House and Things to Consider

What if you could just take your treadmill out of the house, set it up in your backyard, and get all your cardio done outside? There are numerous situations where this might not be the best idea, the worst one being the machine damaged over time. However, it can be pretty handy if you consider some factors while storing and keeping the treadmill outside.

Can You Keep a Treadmill Outside of Your House?

The straightforward answer is yes; if you are glad to build an enclosure for it. If you can secure a place where you can keep the huge machine without getting it damaged, it’ll present you with a bunch of satisfying results. Some of them are running in the fresh air, more space inside the house, and enjoying the sunny weather. However, if you want to place or store the running machine outside, you need to take some precautions to keep it safe.

Is Having an Outdoor Workout Space Worth the Effort?

For some people, the answer is yes. Outdoor working out can be more fun and refreshing because you are not stuck in a stuffy gym or watching TV while on the treadmill. It’s also nice to have a place to have some human interaction while being active.

Treadmill enclosure plans will differ depending on your needs. For some people, an enclosure is necessary because they have a small yard and do not have a lot of space to move the treadmill.

The Most Common Ways People Get Caught Keeping a Treadmill Outdoors

The most common ways people get caught keeping a treadmill outdoors are the following:

  • They leave it in their backyard unprotected,
  • They leave it in their garage stuffed with other stuff,
  • They put it on the side of the street,
  • They keep it in a public place.

5 Things to Consider When a Treadmill be Kept Outside

Choose the right place

When you place your treadmill outside of the house, choosing the right place for it is the main key. If the machine is stored incorrectly, there’s a chance that it’ll be damaged of some sort. Many things can happen; the machine’s exterior can be beat-up due to the weather condition.

The motor can stop working if rain gets inside of the machine. So, try to choose a place for your treadmill where the weather can not spoil the machine too much, preferably pick a place with a shade.

can you keep treadmill outside

Make sure the floor is even

Placing a treadmill on an uneven floor is a huge mistake. It’s dangerous and can lead you to severe injuries. And if you are trying to move your running machine outside of your house and maybe run on it sometimes, it’s a must to make sure the floor is even. Clear out the floor, notice if it’s flat, and then move the machine. You can try out a treadmill mat if you have balanced the footing of the machine; the Tiles Gym Flooring Gym Mat is recommended.

Cover the treadmill

When you are placing a machine that’s supposed to be inside of a house outdoors, it’s natural that the weather can ruin it. The sun can ruin the exterior, the rain can damage the electronics, and the dust can make it impossible to use the machine. So, it’s wise to cover the running machine properly when you are not using it. You can try out Non-Folding Waterproof Treadmill Cover to save it from the rough weather.

Clean the Machine Before Using it After a Long Time

If you keep a machine outside, it’s only natural that it will get dirty here and there. And if you plan to run on a treadmill that’s been outside for a while, it’s a good idea to clean it properly before you hop on the machine. Regular maintenance will keep the machine functioning even after years of purchasing. Make sure you clean all the dust, lube the belt and clear the surrounding area. Check out the How To Clean A Treadmill Properly post for deep cleaning of your workout partner.

Secure Enough Space Around the Treadmill While Running Outside

Running on a treadmill outside can be pretty impressive; you can have fresh air enjoy the weather and stuff. But what if something unexpected happens, like you fall off the treadmill. Stuff like that can happen once in a while, and it’s unfortunate but natural. But what’s not normal, or I should say it should be avoided, is having a very tiny space where you are running on the treadmill. There should be at least 1-2 feet of free space around the place where you are keeping the running machine. So avoid running on a treadmill outside in a really small or cramped place like a small balcony or an overly stuffed garage.


The benefits of keeping your treadmill outside of your home are many. First, it allows you to have a more active and healthy lifestyle, which can be achieved by walking or running on a daily basis. This also enables you to use the treadmill whenever you want without worrying about the limited space in the house.

However, there are some factors that you want to make sure if you are thinking about moving your treadmill outside. If you take some simple precautions mentioned above, your workout partner will be fine even if you put it outside.

Have a great day!

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