How To Clean A Treadmill Properly – DIY Tips

How To Clean A Treadmill Properly

Buying a treadmill is a big step towards your health routine. It is an expensive investment which you can not afford regularly. So, keeping your treadmill in good condition should be a priority task for you.

And, cleaning is an essential part of maintenance. I know it is a tiresome job to do every day. But if you do not want to waste your money on your health, then it is time to get up and start cleaning.

We all know covid 19 is a contagious disease and we need to be cautious of using anything of common use. And, a treadmill is one of them. Here are few tips about how we can keep our treadmill/s clean in this covid 19 era.

How To Clean A Treadmill

Covid 19 Cleaning

This is a regular task to do. And, we can use cleaning and disinfection material as per CDC guidelines. Here you will find the pdf version of CDC guidelines.

How To Clean A Treadmill

To mention a few points, you can use bleach solvent, Savlon hand rub, or soapy water, etc. Wear disposable gloves and goggles before cleaning. Read disinfection material’s instructions before start using. Do not overuse it.

It’s better to use spray-type disinfection. So that you can spray it all over the treadmill and wipe it with soft clothing.

Why Cleaning Is Important

Like cleaning your house and household items, a treadmill also requires cleaning. You own an electric one or a manual treadmill, cleaning is a must to do. And, for an electric one, you need to be cautious about the electronic consoles and parts. You will see a layer of dust everywhere, whether you use it every day or leave it idle. This dust will damage your treadmill’s belt. Sweat is another thing that will trouble your treadmill. The treadmill will get stickier. Also, touching or running in dust and sweat is unhygienic.

Parts To Clean

The cleaning segment is into three parts.

  • Mechanical Parts
  • The belt and,
  • Console

Mechanical Parts

To clean this part, you need to know the sections that belong in this portion. They are –

  • Drive motor
  • Incline motor
  • Rollers
  • Deck suspension part

The Belt

The first thing to do is wipe down the belt. Clean it with a soft towel or cloth to make sure no dust is available. This is the primary step to follow. Keeping your belt dry is another part of the procedure. Make sure no sweat is present after every use of the treadmill. Sweat is the main enemy of your treadmill. It will make your treadmill sticky and, the dust particles will get stuck. It will harm your belt from performing to its best.


You might think about Glass cleaners. But, sorry to say it’s not your solution. To be honest, it is a terrible idea! And, you should not use glass cleaners for any types of electronic equipment you own. The console is covered with a piece of plastic. And, it is not waterproof. The best thing to use for cleaning the console is cleaners produced for these electronic items. Eg. Endust Wipes, Windex Electronics Wipes, MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning, etc. You will find this easily in your nearby hardware shop. Or, you can order online on These cleaners are not so expensive. You will find a cloth and cleaner both in the same package.

Clean Daily

Cleaning your treadmill every day is one of the mandatory things after your workout. You use it or not, try to clean it regularly. The dust around your house messes up the treadmill. Just wipe the treadmill from top to bottom to avoid dust and sweat. You may want to sanitize the whole surface area. This will clean all the germs and, another person in your house can use it without having any risk of getting sick.

Clean Weekly

Cleaning every week does not mean just wiping down your treadmill. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your treadmill once a week. Your treadmill will wear down if dirt and dust keep accumulating under your treadmill. Using a vacuum cleaner will ensure that you reach every portion underneath and over your treadmill. You have to lift your treadmill for that. If it is too heavy for you, use a vacuum hoe’s attachment to get underneath.

Clean Monthly

First, plug off your treadmill. Keep yourself safe at all times. Now, here comes the part where you have to clean the mechanical parts. It is a little bit tricky but not hard to perform. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and bolts. Remove the motor hood. Use a vacuum cleaner to get it clean inside the motor and mechanical parts. Cleaning the drive motor and incline motor will make the treadmill run to its maximum capacity. Cleaning the deck will reduce the friction that will protect your belt nicely.

Task After Cleaning

You must maintain some tasks to take proper care of your treadmill. Lubricate your treadmill after every six months, depending on how much time you use your treadmill. Keep your belt allied to run smoothly. Tighten your belt from time to time to avoid any accidents and injuries.

Here is a short video guide from Flaman Fitness. Take a look:


So, you see, it is a simple job. If you are running on a treadmill, that means you invested a lot in your health. Do not waste it just being lazy to clean. Make five to ten minutes from your schedule to clean your treadmill and enjoy the exercise. Follow our how to clean a treadmill tips above. 

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