Write For Us

Write For Us

Welcome to Gym Bike Lab! We’re excited to work with you to bring your message and content to our enormous international audience. To ensure the highest quality of content with a minimum of editorial interference, we’ve developed this style guide. Within, you will find technical rules to follow, as well as strategies that will help your writing be more professional, compelling, and engaging. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us via email or Facebook. We will be adding to and improving this guide over time, so your feedback is welcome.


Your text submissions to Gym Bike Lab should be in .odt or .pdf format. We will be using LibreOffice Writer to proof and edit the file, so other formats can cause mistakes and formatting errors. Here are some details to look after:

  • Ensure there are no automatic line breaks.

  • Use bullets, bold, italics, etc. where needed. Avoid unnecessary formatting like color text, animation, macro etc.

  • This also applies to any hyperlinks you’d like to include in your piece. Add the link in a comment, rather than linking the text itself.

Speaking of hyperlinks, there are two kinds we allow:

Internal links, to other Gym Bike Lab posts. We generally include 2-4 internal links per
post, so if you have ideas of which we should use, feel free to include them.

External, academic links. These are links to studies, white papers, news articles, or statistics
that help underline the points you are trying to make in your piece.

In general, we do not link to competitor websites. But, you are allowed to include one dofollow link to your personal blog, or your business page. And, it must not be direct competitor of Gym Bike Lab.

Structure, Grammar, and Punctuation

The overall structure of your piece is perhaps the most important element to its success in engaging
our audience. Nothing loses a reader faster than a piece that is disorganized, rambling, or otherwise
difficult to follow. Remember, while Gym Bike Lab is an well known publication, readers still
have a plethora of choices when they’re looking for fitness content. So with that said, here’s how to
structure your piece to keep your reader engaged from start to finish:

  • Your article must be unique that hasn’t been published elsewhere.
  • Title should be Catchy and Click-bait.
  • Lead with a strong and engaging introduction.
  • Write for readers and if you are talking about any problem, give a short solution with in 2nd paragraph.
  • Post must be easy to read like 5th grade student can easily read and understand.
  • 100 % Unique and not rewritten by software.
  • Your article should contain at least 1200 words.
  • Grammatical error free.
  • You are free to add topic related images, videos or infographics etc. as long as you believe it’s helpful to readers.

Topics we are interested in:

  • Recumbent bike using tips
  • Fitness guide
  • Exercise machines Tips
  • Treadmill Tips
  • Trendy fitness tips
  • Nutrition & Diet tips
  • Fitness routines
  • Indoor & outdoor Gym equipment
  • Gym culture
  • Personal Fitness Journey

How To submit or Contact Us

Email: micmatthews.mail@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GymBikeLab
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gymbikelab

All submission will be reviewed by our team. If we accept your articles, we will let you know. Or, you can directly contact us by visiting our contact page by clicking below.

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