How Many Calories Does a Recumbent Bike Burn?

How Many Calories Does a Recumbent Bike Burn?

Recumbent bikes offer low-impact workouts by copying the motion of cycling in a relaxed position. As a result, these machines are not hard on your knees, joints, and back as you exercise in a comfortable position. However, you might also be curious about their effectiveness and how many calories does a recumbent bike burn?

How many calories does a recumbent bike burn

The exact value of the calories varies from person to person and many conditions. For example, the calorie burn rate of a person with 130 pounds in an hour will be different from a person with 200 pounds. It also depends on some other aspects such as intensity level, gender, and age.

However, it’s better to take it slow on a recumbent exercise bike. As a low-impact workout machine, more likely senior people and someone with injury will use this machine. So, it’s good to take it slow and enjoy the workout on a recumbent bike.

Anyway, to meet the curiosity of a health-conscious person, we’ll describe some of the factors when it comes to calculating calories. And also show “how many calories a recumbent bike burn” on an average basis.

Factors That Affect Calorie Burn on a Recumbent Exercise Bike


How many calories you’ll burn in a particular exercise depends on a few factors, and your age is an important factor among them. Usually, young people have more body muscle than seniors, and the more muscle you have, the more likely you’ll burn calories. So, younger people burn more calories than older people in general.


A male and a female body are different in many ways, and one of them is the amount of muscle and body fat. The male body has more muscle and less body fat when compared to a female body. And you know, muscles burn calories. So, your gender also mater when it comes to calories calculation.

Body Composition:

Your body composition or size of your body also matters in calorie calculation. For example, if you have a muscular body, you’ll probably burn more calories than an average person with a slim body.


A person with more weight will more likely burn more calories than a person that has less weight. This is because more weight means you have extra muscle on your body, and more muscle burns more calories.

Although calorie burn depends on many factors, here’s a calory burn chart from Nutristrategy. It will give you an idea about the average calorie burn in an hour in different intensity levels and weights.

Intensity Level

130 lbs

155 lbs

180 lbs

205 lbs

Very Light

177 kcals

211 kcals

245 kcals

279 kcals


325 kcals

387 kcals

449 kcals

512 kcals


413 kcals

493 kcals

572 kcals

651 kcals


620 kcals

739 kcals

859 kcals

977 kcals

Very Vigorous

738 kcals

880 kcals

1022 kcals

1163 kcals


For a low-impact workout machine, the recumbent bike is best for seniors and people with injuries. The calories burned during an hour on this type of exercise bike will depend largely on your weight, age, gender, and intensity level. You might want to take it slow at first if you’re new to using this type of equipment because no one wants to injure themselves trying to get in shape!

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