How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine

How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines, the enormous machines you’ll see in almost every gym. Ever wondered how do they move such a huge thing and how to disassemble an elliptical machine!

Are you are planning to move your one? Trust me, it’s not that hard as it looks. But, it is not super easy too!

And most of the home ellipticals are not as big as the commercial ones you’ll see in a gym. However, it’s nearly impossible to move the whole thing without breaking something or getting injured.

To be honest, moving gym equipment like this one is such a pain. But, don’t sweat it, I got you covered.

Disassembling the machine before moving makes it a whole lot easier and it also ensures safety. Let me show you how you can disassemble an elliptical machine, it’s not rocket science.

Follow the steps below on how to disassemble an elliptical machine

First of all, check for the tools you need to disassemble the machine. It will be frustrating if you find a screw that you can’t open with the tools you have. The list of the tools you need to disassemble should be listed in the user manual.

How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine

Another thing you will need is a bunch of plastic bags. It’s super easy to lose or forget which nuts fit which parts. And also it will be a huge mess if you start unscrewing everything without separating different screws.

Also, collect a marker to label the plastic bags and other parts. And an electrical tape to confirm the safety of the wires. With the proper use of these, disassembling should be a piece of cake.

So, be careful, please.

Well then, let’s start the disassembling process.

If you look closely, the elliptical has three main parts. Body, pedals, and handlebars. Disassembling means simply separate 3 of these parts.

If you follow some steps, taking apart the device is no big deal.

Begin with unplugging the power supply. As we know, most of the ellipticals are electrical. That means there are wires inside the machine that runs the computer and the electric parts. So, the primary step will be to disconnect the machine completely.

Now, let’s start with the pedals. Start unscrewing the bolts of each side of the machine, one at a time.

Put the bolts and nuts in labeled plastic bags. Mark clearly from which part the bolts are coming from. This will help the reassembling process.

After completely removing the pedal of one side, move to the other side and follow the same method. You can use a label to identify the left pedal and right pedal. It will speed up the reassembly process.

After separating each part, make sure to tape the ends of the wires. This will protect the wire and also tape the wires together to keep the wires together while transporting. The machine should be fine if the wires are safe.

Removing handlebars is quite similar to the pedals. Undo the screws and separate the piece from the body. It might look a tiny bit complicated due to the wires. But it shouldn’t bother you if you do it carefully.

This process is also similar to earlier. Put the bolts in labeled plastic bags, tape the wires and you are good to go. So, you’ve separated the handlebars. For some machines, you might have to detach the head. In that case, you will have four separate pieces.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully disassembled the elliptical.

In case you find this confusing or complicated, you can always ask for help. You can call an elliptical assembly expert guy. They’ll be happy to help with fair payment.

Ellipticals are expensive devices, so it’s important to be careful when it comes to transport. Even if you move it from one room to another, you need to be watchful. It’s probably not a good idea to start unscrewing everything without a plan.

For the reassembly, you just need to put the three parts together. Start with the handlebar, and attach the pedals with the bolts. The labeled bags will be a handful here.

Also, you can take pictures while taking them apart to remove any confusion. If you follow the instructions given above, disassembling an elliptical machine shouldn’t be a problem.

And for now, our job here is done, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Till then take care, stay fit, and don’t screw up!

Here is a bunch of popular elliptical cross trainers manuals. You can check it out!

Also, we have a few step-by-step guides on how to disassemble an elliptical machine, please take a look.

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