Octane Fitness Q35 Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness Q35 Elliptical Review

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If you are looking for an octane fitness q35 elliptical review, you’ve dropped at the right place!

We posted the most updated reviews on q35.

The Q35 is a great body trainer from the other Octane Standing Series home elliptical. Luckily, this one is the most affordable of the six models in the collection.

It delivers the high-end performance of costlier Octane elliptical. But it has a simple console.

Highpoints of the Q35 are very smooth stride and active for upper body training. And it has three cross-training workout boosters and four-goal programs.

You can learn more from the full review of the Octane Q35.

The Q35 is one of the cheapest of Octane’s elliptical cross-trainers. While the other approach price is $10K, this model is priced for around $2k. Moreover, it has a similar smooth motion and more expensive options with five years of parts warranty. And it has a humbler programming and also a fixed stride. After all, the Q35 is the best fit for the customers who are seeking high quality and easiness from a cross-trainer and the best elliptical for small spaces.

If you wanting a diversified workout and high-tech machine, this one will not be a perfect choice! Here are more details about the Octane Q35’s workout programs, warranty, and other features.

Octane Fitness Q35 Elliptical Review

Octane Fitness Q35 Elliptical Review

The Q35 has a stable 20.5″ stride. The pedal space is just 1.8″ that keeps your hips correctly allied to support the comfortable motion.

The elliptical has moving armbars. The machine’s convergent design follows the natural motion you are using when it is running. The extra conflict makes the movement effective when you train outdoors and with other ellipticals. Comparing with the other cross-trainer machine under 300 or 500; these machine’s armbar also has lower pivot points. This policy allows more use of your upper body that raises more calorie burn.

The Octane elliptical has Cross Circuit addition points. These connectors are at the base of the unit. That can hold the resistance bands for strength training and stretching. If you are looking for an elliptical trainer for your home or office. You can pick this one. And. amazon.com has great offers for you to check!

If you are not convinced enough yet, scroll down, we have more for you! Staying in the best heart rate zone, a digital heart rate monitor will help you. By disabling the machine’s moving parts, the MOM model protects young children. You may not get this kind of smart feature on under 200 elliptical machines.

The height of this machine is very low. It’s just 4″. Features make the Q35 a good fitting for the low ceilings rooms.

Workout Programs

The Octane Q35 elliptical frame is matched with the Q35x console. This console has four aim programs to blast 350 calories, run 10K, torch 750 calories and take on a half-marathon challenge. It also including Workout Boosters what supports both strength training and cardio. Workout Boosters have alternated between off-machine exercising and on-machine training.

The powerbands are involved with the base of the elliptical. And it supports some of the strength exercises and the optional side platforms that add more possibilities to adventure your training time for body shaping and cardio endurance. Workout Boosters of the Octane Q35 are named GluteKicker, Xcode, and ArmBlaster.

Advanced Training Modes

This model has some features in our review which are designed to improve your general workout routine. The booster’s names are ArmBlaster, GluteKicker, and X-Mode. What they do is a challenge to you to put more effort. And a complete workout means faster results. Like a marketing trick, they sound a little bit. But actually, they are very good. And they are doing a more fun workout like the max m8 trainer.

The ArmBlaster does the same thing on the opposite end. It targets your upper body muscles, such as pecs, triceps, biceps, back, and others.

The GluteKicker is just like the name says. It is designed to mark your muscles, thighs – muscles, and hips with intense intervals and in your lower body in general.

The X-Mode, If you don’t prefer this particular type of workout. And if you choose to exercise your whole body. It would help if you took the X-Mode shot; this acts as a sort of effective trainer. Then it will give you eight challenging routines. It is guaranteed a proper workout for the whole body.

The trainer has designed your posture to keep in check while you are working out. However, the proper form is as important as the workout’s concentration because it keeps you safe from getting injured.

The Q35’s stride length is 20.5-inch, which feels very natural, and it is equally comfortable for treading forward to backward. The minimal foot pedal spacing is 1.8-inch; besides the long stride, it closely matches your real stride while reducing stress to your own back. Also, the machine has a low height. So it makes it ideal for the elder. And also for those people who became recover from injuries.

Frame: Lifetime
Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 5 Years


There is a flow for the Octane elliptical, but it has many offers of training possibilities. This cross-trainer is greater than others. The arms bar is being especially effective. In terms of upper-body workouts, it supports cross-training. And it also prompts for off-machine exercise. Here is a quick guide from Octane Fitness.

This machine is very dynamic; an elliptical trainer can set it very easily. But here is a consciousness about the children. In case the children always get curious. We prefer the Q47. Because it has advanced workout programming, it also has wireless heart rate monitoring. But the Q35 has an offer of benefit. The economical price of Octane Fitness bio-mechanics and cross-training is more.

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