Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill 2020 Review [April Update]

Treadmill, an easy to use indoor fitness equipment for walking and running indoor. In our busy daily routine, it is really hard to find time for a regular 30 mins walking. That’s how a treadmill idea comes to place. So, that we can exercise while we watching our most loved TV program or work at the office.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill is a great innovation by Sunny Health and Fitness Company. Let’s check why this one is listed among our best treadmill under 500 list.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill

At first, 2.2 Horse Power peak DC motor is the first important thing that grabs my attention. For a long time, I have been a supporter of Iconic fitness equipment brands and their treadmills as well.

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However, when I learned that the Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill is a most ordered treadmill on Amazon and I had to try once. So, I started reading all customer reviews and watching customer reviews on this machine. Finally, I found that this machine is a super piece of fitness gear for all kinds of users. Here is why:

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill Review

Treadmills from renowned brands usually cost more than usual. But obviously, it packed with lots of features also.

Under 500 Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603 treadmill, is matched all costly machine quality at a lower price from a reliable brand.

First off, assembly of any fitness gear needs rigging before use. Sometimes it comes with 100 types of components to attach. And, this machine comes nearly 99.9% preassembled.

All you need to attach three preassembled components with 8 screws and washers to join it together.

Sunny Treadmill

And you will get the required tools also! An Allen wrench and a screw are already packed with the treadmill all you need ten to fifteen minutes to assumable it. In the manual book, all steps illustrated in detail and help you to assemble the whole unit.

And, in case, if you need expert helps, you can order amazon expert assembly while you order this unit. Just click the button below and make your order with expert assembly.

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You will get belt lubrication oil along with the setup. And, you need to lubricate the deck and belt also before you start using any brand-new treadmill.

This SF-T7603 treadmill needs periodic lubrication after every 188 miles according to manual book and the best thing is, you do not need to remember this. This machine has a warning built on the console it will remind you after 188 miles. Lubrication is an easy process and is explained in detail in the manual.

Sunny Health Fitness Treadmill Weight Capacity

Getting back to the performance, two things impressed me, that is the soft fold system and its user profile range. Usually, a 500-dollar treadmill doesn’t offer this much.

Unlike other folding treadmills, these tools fold up very easily and fold down even easier. Just release the latch and keep the deck up, it folds down by its own, and slow down to nears the ground. A nice additional afterthought of Sunny Health & Fitness.

As of user-profiles, every profile has its range of difficulty. And, they will maintain a range specific heart rate. Unfortunately, the heart rate sensors don’t work for the profiles it will just give a basic reading.

You can manually play with the profiles to continue a specific MHR level. Both of the handles have heart rate sensors and start-stop switches are divided into two. And, they fold too!

Sunny SF Treadmill Fold

Limitations of this treadmill are 220 pounds; this is where I feel disappointed since cheaper foldable machines have more weight capacity. The actual treadmill machine weighs just 103 pounds, so it isn’t that heavy to tug.

You will get a maximum of 9 mph and a minimum of 0.5 mph setting. Quick settings allow you to set as 2, 4, 6 and 9 mph.

The inclination is manual on this treadmill but you don’t need dismount to do this. It is easier to reach backflip switch on deck with legs to increase inclination quickly.

You have a total of 2 options with an inclination and default plain. Overall, there are satisfactory features available in this Sunny Health & Fitness SF T7603.

Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill


Ample Workout Options: 

A quick speed selections, two incline manual settings and nine profiles for flexible workouts are really helpful for users. Overall, you will get a lot of easy to use features like thousand dollars treadmill.

Soft Drop Technology: 

This is the biggest selling point of this gear, the fact is, this foldable treadmill is easy to fold up and also fold down is quite smooth. Your home floor will never-ever scuff again and neither it will make noise.

SF-T7603 Details Explained

Smooth Speed Options: 

When you want to control your workout session, 9mph is the quickest speed settings you will get here. This is perfect for all fitness lovers who want to control their workout sessions by using the heart rate monitor system.

Easy Assembly: 

Detailed instruction on manual booklet and tools make this machine easy to assemble and start jogging. SF-T7603 assembly needs around ten to fifteen minutes to assemble. All you need to set 8 screws and three pre-assembled large parts.

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Lubrication Alert: 

This machine will automatically warn you after you reach 188 miles of maintenance periods. And, you will get a treadmill lubrication bottle oil also. So, no need to worry about which oil to use from the start.

As I said before this foldable treadmill has a soft drop system similar to the doors and windows close without making that loud noise. So, you need to keep oiling after a certain period to maintain this smoothness.

SF-T7603 Details


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill is a great workout machine for cardio exercise, a full-body workout, toning leg muscles, and obviously for losing weight. Actually, walking or running at a moderate speed on SF T 7603 for an hour every day, will help you burn up to 500-600 calories, easily.

Although it’s not a commercial gym-grade machine, and not among the best treadmill for professional runners, but it makes a quite perfect choice for just about any regular home user who wants to archive a daily cardio training schedule. All in all, it is an excellent machine for this price range.

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