How to Fix Noisy Treadmill – Troubleshooting

How to Fix Noisy Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the most used gym equipment all over the world. They are an excellent replacement for running or walking outside, and they’re also fantastic for cardio workouts.

However, as a workout machine made of different parts and components, it’s not rare to see a treadmill giving a hard time to the users. And a noisy treadmill is by far the most common problem for this workout machine.

However, this noise problem can be easily solved with a few simple tweaks unless anything has gone terribly wrong.

Generally, treadmills can make around 42 – 57 decibels sound. And that’s within pretty much tolerable to the human ear. But, if your treadmill has some problem with its belt motor or bearings, it can be a pain. Anyways let’s find out what’s causing this annoying noise and put an end to it!

How to Fix Noisy Treadmill - Troubleshooting

Noise from Belt

In most cases, the treadmill belt can be the source of the noise. It is like buzzing, whining noises. Also, there might be dust or grease stuck under the belt, and cleaning under the belt might help here. Also, you should lubricate the belt from time to time; once a month will be a good maintenance practice. Use silicone-based lubricants for this. You can try out the Spot On Treadmill Belt Lubricant; it’s good.

After cleaning and lubrication, you need to check your running belt’s tension. If it seems to loosen, you can fix the tension by tightening running belt tension bolts near the roller.

Wrong Placement

Sometimes noise or vibration of the machine can simply be caused by an uneven place or wrong placement. And running on a treadmill that is not well balanced might be a bit risky. These workout machines might also damage or scratch your floor.

The best solution for this will be moving the running machine to a clean and flat surface. You can even try the Foam Interlinking Mat. They give you a flat surface not only for the treadmill but also for regular exercise.
If the problem persists, you may need to replace the running belt or the roller belt. Due to excessive use, belts can lose their tension. And, you need to buy belts from amazon and replace it. Follow your manual guide and replace the roller belt or the running belt.

Roller Noise

Sometimes you may hear humming noise coming from rollers. You can fix it quickly by yourself. First, remove the covers and check the adjacent screws; if it feels loose, make it tight using a screwdriver. Also, check the roller belts; you can use some lubricant here if needed.

Usually, high-end treadmills tend to be much quieter than a budget one. If you want to replace your treadmill due to too much noise, you can invest a bit more and get a quality running machine.

Noises from Misaligned parts

If you hear any tappet noise, you need to check all nuts and bolts. A loose bolt can make sounds like something is broken inside. You can open the running machine and if you find a loose one, tight it, which should do the job.

In the worst-case scenario, some inner parts might be broken or malfunction and need to be replaced. The best course of action here will be contacting the manufacturer and claiming the warranty if possible, because why not?

However, if it becomes a hassle and not worth it anymore, you can consider getting a new one.

Bearings Noise

Squeaking type of noises usually comes from bearings. Suppose you are an expert in fixing other electronics and non-electronics items in your house. Open the front cover; you will see the bearings. You can use silicone-based lubricant or WD40, and that should help.

Also, If you need to open the treadmill for better inspection, you’ll need tools. Those are screwdrivers, Allan Keys, and wrenches of different sizes. You can find them in your garage toolbox. But if you are missing some tools, you can get the DEKOPRO multipurpose toolbox. It’s handy and an excellent addition to your garage.

Noise from Motor

It’s a rare case. Usually, no intolerable sounds come from the motor. It usually goes through multiple quality checks. The motor is the main engine of the treadmill. But, if somehow fans or motor bearings contact water or moisture, it may damage and make noises. In this situation, you need professionals to help. Contact manufacturers or call amazon assembly experts.

Here are a few quick tips and tricks from Nick Nicoloudis

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a runner or someone who likes to do long cardio workouts, the chances are that you have used a treadmill at some point. If your machine is giving you issues, it may be time to take the necessary troubleshooting steps and fix them yourself. It’s not difficult and can often save money on costly repairs.

However, if the sound is made by minor issues mentioned above, now you know how to get rid of them.

Happy Jogging!

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