How to Fix Noisy Treadmill

How to Fix Noisy Treadmill

How to Fix Noisy Treadmill

Hello Buddies! You may be wondering why is my treadmill making a knocking noise? Don’t worry, I am here to present you with a solution for treadmill motor noise, belt noise, humming noise, squeaking, buzzing, whining noises etc.

Noisy treadmill is a disturbing element for workout. You need to be cheerful while you exercise. So, you must avoid disturbing noise. And, you need to listen your most loved songs in time of exercise.

Generally, treadmills can make 42 – 57 decibels sound. Which is well tolerable by humans. But, if your treadmill has some problem with its belt motor or bearings. Its sound becomes intolerable noise. Let’s check the solutions.

Noise from Belt

In most cases, the treadmill belt can bring the noise. It is like buzzing, whining noises. All you need to do is clean the downside of the belt first. You may found dust under the belt. After that, you need to lubricate the belt using treadmill lubricant. Every treadmill uses a different type of lubricant. You may find it in your local fitness equipment store. Or, you can try Amazon.

After, cleaning and lubrication, you need to check your running belt’s tension. If it seems to loosen, you can fix the tension by tightening running belt tension bolts near the roller.

Roller Noise

Sometimes you may hear humming noise coming from rollers. You can fix it easily by yourself. Just, remove the covers and check the adjacent screws, if it feels loose, make it tight using a screw driver. Check the roller belts also, if you feel it try, try grease or lubricant.

If you buy a high end quite treadmill, you may not face any noisy situation of rollers or belt. So, be careful when you are buying your treadmill. There are lots of well built budget treadmill available on market too. If you want to get a treadmill within  a limited budget. You can check our recommendations.

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Noises from Misaligned parts

If you are hearing any tappet noise, you need to check all nuts and bolts. And, if you find any loose one, just fix it by making it tight.

Sometimes you may find noises causes because of missing parts. In that case, you need to buy that parts from amazon and join it as before. Or, if you think any parts is not worthy anymore, you can replace it.

Bearings Noise

Squeaking type of noises usually comes from bearings. If you are an expert with fixing other electronics and non-electronics items of your house. Open the front cover, you will see the bearings. Just use lubricant or WD40, the squeaking noise will go forever!

But, if you are a non-technical person, please call an expert technician. Or, hire professionals from amazon.

Noise from Motor

It’s a rare case. Usually, no intolerable sounds come from the motor. Because manufacturers check multiple times before setting it up. The motor is the main engine of the treadmill. But, if somehow fans or motor bearings get any touch of water or moisture it may damage and make noises. In this situation you need professionals to help. Contact manufacturers or call amazon assembly experts.

Place Noise

If you place the treadmill on an uneven place, it can create noise while you walk or run. Use a treadmill mat, and noise will go. And, also use the right shoes while you jog.

If the problem persists, you may need to replace the running belt or the roller belt. Due to excessive use belts can lose their tension. And, you need to buy belts from amazon and replace it. Follow your manual guide and replace the roller belt or the running belt.

Try slow-walking instead of running and follow the place where the noise comes from. You know all causes by now, so find the exact place that causes the noise. And, fix it by yourself at home. Or, call experts to fix it.

Happy Jogging!

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  • April 8, 2021 at 12:37 am

    Thank you for posting this. My treadmill was humming – I tightened the tread roller screw and it stopped.

    • April 8, 2021 at 1:19 am

      Hey Reuben,

      Good know our post helps you to fix your treadmill! Happy Fitness!
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