Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review [2019-2020]

This is Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review 2019-2020.

The professional and well designed E35 Elliptical Trainer from SOLE is built to bring a smooth and comfortable elliptical workout experience.

Easy adjust-ability and high-end features make this machine, efficiently operate able, and make the daily exercise a fun experience! So it allows you to focus on your workout and toning up.

Handheld heart-rate monitor and chest strap makes it easy to measure your workout progress.

Resistance levels and Incline can fix with the button on handlebars, and the impressive incline degree and stride length options are not standard in regular elliptical machines. It has fully adjustable footrests! You can also adjust the stride from 20 to 22 inches, and Incline can adjust up to 30° challenging mode! This is a professional gym-grade trainer with lots of extra features. This is the best home elliptical trainer of 2019 and 2020. Here we reveals in detail update review, take a read below.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review

sole fitness e35 elliptical machine

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Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Trainer Technical info:


Height & Width: 58 inches & 32 inches

Length of the product: 83 inches

Maximum Weight: 215 lbs



20-22” Stride length to fit for all sizes and shapes.

Sixteen levels Eddy Current (ECB) Break system resistance can adjust with a push of handlebars button.

Handlebars with various grip positions.

Heavy duty weighty aluminum flywheel.

Super quite resistance and frictionless wheel to operate the whole trainer quietly and make almost no noise.

Incline up to 30° and adjustable by just an automatic push button from handlebars.

The chest strap on the handlebar to monitor real-time heart rate on hands-free application.

2° inward adjustable foot pedals to less ankle and knee strain like physical therapist suggested.

A built-in fan attached to keep the user cool and fresh in time of their workout session.

A Water bottle holder attached to keep water nearby.

For stable operation, there are six rubber grips on the bottom.

Maximum 375 lbs person can use it easily.

E356 Computer Console

Computer Features:

Two heart-rate programs, two users defined and six pre-program systems for workouts.

7.5 inches tiltable LCD backlit display.

Two customizable users’ profiles.

Built-in speakers with a plug-in port for MP3 player or iPod®.

Workout Data:

Speed & Time

 Incline & Distance Travelled

Pulse & Calories


Super Feature

Table Holder Attached.

Bluetooth Audio Speaker.

A USB port to charge devices.

sole fitness e35 elliptical trainer


Sole Elliptical E35 Warranty:

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Two years of labor warranty

Five years warranty on parts and electrical

Lifetime warranty for frame

Free 5 years Warranty from Warrantech as Fitness Plan and also includes free home service.


Sole E35 Manual Assembly:

This Trainer comes with a secure boxed and also packaged well. As the elliptical machine weighs 215 lbs, the shipping box is enormous and going to weigh up at least 217 lbs.

So, it will better for you if the delivery guy takes it to the room you want on setup. Or you may need some help to move it.

It may need a few hours to assembly. It’s easy to assemble, but this a high-tech and sturdy piece of machinery with a lot of components. It comes with the necessary tool to join, but it will be better for you if you order an expert assembly service along with the machine.

sole fitness e35 review

Manufacturer Info:

SOLE Fitness is a high-quality exercise equipment producer from North America. And they are doing it for decades.

They are the fastest growing gym tools brand all over the United States and Canada from the last five years.

You will find their products at almost all hotels and gyms nationwide, and now they are making gear for residential users like schwin 430 elliptical too.

Fitness equipment is well known for stable performance. Sole Fitness has separate product line up for elliptical machines, exercise bikes (recumbent and upright), treadmills and, rowers and its accessories.


What Our Editors Like About the E35 SOLE Elliptical:

This Elliptical Machine is an excellent pleaser.  Sole Fitness called it as “Best In Class 2019”. This company is well known for commercial grade high-quality exercise equipment to the hotel and gym industry, and now they introduce the same quality equipment for home users. All over the super stable it gives you a gym-quality workout at your home.

sole fitness e35 elliptical machine review

Durability like Commercial-grade Machine

This is a super durable machine. As we told earlier, Sole Fitness’s is top workout gear provider for hotel and gym industry, where this equipment may use continuously and they not really cared as home. It has to be well constructed and quality built. And they extended the same class for their home exercise products.

Sole Fitness is providing a solid warranty. You can run as much as you want, but it will not move a bit! Maximum weight capacity for the user is 375 lbs, which a lot. Buy your dream gym machine instantly now!

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Large Incline Options

It has a great feature, that is a powered incline. That means you don’t have to stop exercises if you want to increase resistance level or want to workout on different muscle groups.

The push controls of the Incline are suitably placed on handlebars. You don’t have to move your hands to change the Incline. And most exciting is you can it rise to 30° where there most elliptical gear has 20° inclines only.


Adjustable Stride on SOLE E35

You can adjust the stride from 20-22 inches! So almost everyone can exercise at ease and enjoy payback of full elliptical motion. The footrests are entirely bendable and inward slope can bend like 2° to seize pressure off of ankles and knees.

This is tremendously useful for user for rehabilitation purpose. It also allows you to pedal backward to workout on muscle groups.

elliptical machine sole e35

Resistance Levels Variation

Eddy Current resistance of the E35 Elliptical gives a professional workout feeling. And, the automated mounted handlebars, including 16 resistant settings, makes it more convenient.



SOLE Fitness E35 Elliptical comes with eight workouts program. While other elliptical trainers appear with more, but ten workout program is plenty for home users. In this sole e35 elliptical review session, our expert team did not find other problems.

But, there is an unexpected situation, it uses a chemical while producing this product, which is little harmful to cancer patients and congenital disabilities humans. Use specialize types of equipment for cancer and congenital disabilities patients.

If you faced any problem while receiving the product or after a few times use contact +1-866-780-7653 or email them at, they offered a 30 days money back guarantee; you can return it if you won’t like!




In this sole fitness e35 elliptical trainer review, we show you it provides the best warranty plan among similar products. Don’t worry about anything to place an order.

And the Professional assembly service makes it as gym equipment in your home.

This Elliptical is a grand buy for this price.  Full of top-notch features make you feel like a hotel gym or club.

It’s quiet, smooth, stable! And great for your regular Fitness.

You and your family going to love if you got one at home. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order Now! And get free shipping all over the USA!

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