Find Out The Best Place To Keep A Treadmill In A Small House

A treadmill can be a great investment for someone who lives in a small house, but where should it go? However, there are no universal solutions for this, but you can consider some factors and then decide. The first thing you need to do when looking for the best place for your new treadmill is to decide what kind of use you want from it.

Do you just want to walk or jog on it occasionally and then leave it alone? Or will you spend most of your time using it every day? Either way, we have to deal with what we got in our hands. So I’m going to help you find out the best place to keep a treadmill in a small house. Let’s start!

Best Place to Keep a Treadmill in a Small House

The right location will depend on your needs, goals, needs, and your situation. Therefore, it is crucial that you always consider what fits you when choosing the correct pod way. For example, here are some of the best places to keep a treadmill in an apartment in case you don’t want to move around too much.

where to put treadmill in small house

Separate Room (gym room)

A dedicated room for a treadmill is the best place to keep a running machine whether you have a huge house or small. You can pick the smallest room in the house and make it your exercise room or kind of multipurpose room. It should be fine as long as the room has enough room for the machine to fit in.

The most significant benefit you’ll get for making a dedicated exercise room is the room temperature and the workout mindset. In a garage, it’ll be super cold in the winter, and in summer, it’ll be boiling, and that’ll make workouts difficult. And picking your treadmill over your nice and cozy bed might also be unmotivated.

So, a separate room for your running machine is overall the best choice. But not all of us have the same conditions, so it highly depends on what you have and what you want.

Living/Drawing Room

Treadmills are great for runners and other people who want to get in shape, but they take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, many people have tiny houses or apartments that can’t fit a treadmill, but there are ways you can keep your treadmill handy. One option is to find a good storage solution. Many under-the-bed storage solutions double as workout spaces that allow you to store the treadmills when not in use.

One of the biggest advantages of keeping your treadmill in the living room is the comfortable environment. You can turn on the AC in the hot weather and heater in the cold; your TV also is accessible. So, if you have some extra space in your living room or sitting room, you can slide it in for some workouts.

Basement or Garage

Many people live in not-so-big houses or apartments with limited space. That is why it can be challenging to find the best place to store items, especially if you want to fit a treadmill. A treadmill works well in many places, like the bedroom or living room, if you happen to have space for them. If that isn’t possible, you could try placing the treadmill in the garage or your office.

Placing the treadmill in the garage will indeed save you some space in a small house. But, on the other hand, you’ll have to deal with some other challenges here. For example, a garage or basement probably won’t have an air conditioning system installed. And doing exercise in the summer or in the winter might get a bit difficult. However, if you don’t mind the weather, then you can save a decent amount of space in your house.

Things to Consider

Free space you have

Before moving or getting the huge workout machine, you have to choose a place to keep it. It is a place where the treadmill can fit in and where you are okay to keep it. Measure the free space you have and the footprint and dimension of the treadmill to get a better idea of whether it’ll fit or not.

Folding treadmills

Folding treadmills are a great solution to this situation. You can do your workout, fold it up and store it aside if you have a small house. Most treadmills come with a fold-able feature, but the folded dimension varies from model to model.


If you have a free room upstairs and want to shift the running machine there, you might want to reconsider. Treadmills are huge machines most of the time, and these weigh around 300 pounds on average. So, if you want then upstairs, you’ll need manpower, call some friends or a moving company to do that for you.

Stuffed room

It’s not ideal to do workouts in a stuffed room or a garage stuffed with other storeroom appliances. It’s dangerous, and you might get hurt if something unexpected happens.


You might want to consider the weather if you have it rough outside. For example, if you place your treadmill in the garage and it’s windy and cold outside, it might not be so comfortable. The same goes when it’s summertime, and you are sweating on a running machine.


In conclusion, you must make an informed decision when choosing the perfect location for your treadmill. Look for what is crucial to you and what you need and want out of your workouts.

Think about your needs, goals, and situation to find the best location for your treadmill. Then, store it after use, hide it under the couch or move it to the garage, whichever is convenient for you, go for it!

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