Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill Reviews

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill Reviews

The bxt216 is one of the best-selling treadmills from Bowflex for its latest technology. It accesses you to individual workout. This machine is also remarkable for a home cardio trainer.

If you want to buy a heavy-duty treadmill, this is the most affordable option for you. Now I am going to discuss the benefits of the Bowflex bxt216 treadmill. We select this fitness equipment for best quite treadmill for apartment, lets drive deep.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill Reviews

Running Surface

Running surface is the most important thing for a treadmill. If you don’t feel comfortable with the running space of any treadmill, you will not buy that machine. Hopefully, the running area of the bxt216 is pretty large than others. Most of treadmills for the home user comes with W 20” belt space. You will feel real comfort with its L 60” x W 22” running pad. It gives you a different feeling.

The weight capacity of this treadmill is higher than comparable models. The weight range is about
350 lbs. The spacious surface combined is built to give you a comfortable working out experience. Overall, it scores high in the category of the running surface. 


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The motor strength is the second important thing for a treadmill. The Bowflex bxt216 treadmill provides a high speed of 4.0 CHP motor. Its powerful motorized help you to get a high-intensity session of workout.

With this power, you can get a maximum speed of up to 12 mph. The strength of its motorized is impressive. It is going well with its 2.75” roller and 3-ply belt. You can use this treadmill for both walking and running. You can run surprisingly and smoothly for such a powerful motor.


The Bowflex bxt216 comes with a 9” LCD full-color monitor. The screen is pretty great, and it has standard visibility. It has also built a burn rating console. The console gives you the accurate result of heart rate by the wireless heart rate monitor. The console tracks time, distance, incline, decline, speed, calorie-burning, and more.

A USB charging port is available with the console. You can connect your device and make them charged. There is a silicon button on the console that makes it more appealing and engaging to use. 
There is an inbuilt media system. You can connect your tablet or phone with the console by Bluetooth to listen to music. There is a high-quality sound system for the MP3 player. 

Built-In Workout Apps

The Bowflex bxt216 treadmill comes with eleven pre-planned workout programs. They assist you in improving cardio fitness and all over health issues. With the help of connectivity of Bluetooth, you can share and sync data with the Bowflex Result Series App and fitness App.

You can get an interactive platform with those apps. The machine is integrated with Bowflex’s journey apps. It has an individualized working training experience. And they guide you to daily custom workout. Then you can automatically judge your fitness improvement by this. Each running exercise is led by a virtual and friendly coach. It provides real-time fitness tips. 

Bowflex BXT216 Review

Incline & Decline

This machine can incline up to 15% and reach 16” above the floor. You can enjoy the long run with the deck cushioning system. After incline, you can enjoy your exercise more. 

Media Rack

The bxt216 also comes with an oversize media rack with USB charging. So, you can charge your devices. You can hold your tablet or phone by the tablet holder. There is an oversize water bottle holder. 


There are two speakers above the monitor. By connecting your tablets or phones, you can listen to your favorite music. It has a standard sound quality.

Heart Rate Monitoring

There is a built-in heart rate tracking within the handgrips that keeps you in a wide workout zone. They track your heart rate and take a regular report.

Automatic Three-speed Fan

It has a 3-speed cooling fan with four settings like off mode, high, medium, and low speed. It keeps you cool and fresh while working out.

Integrated Handrail Control

You can control the incline conveniently and speed from the handrails.

Assembly and Folding

The assembly of the treadmill is pretty straight forward. Any person can assemble it within one or two hours. After finishing your exercise, you can simply fold it up. And you can store it easily anywhere in your home for the save of space. You can unfold it by pressing one button.


bowflex bxt216

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill comes with the following warranty:

  • fifteen years for the drive motor
  • fifteen years for the frame
  • five years for electronics
  • five years for mechanical parts
  • two years for labor


  • Comfortable deck suspension technology
  • Media shelf with USB charger
  • Nine standard workout apps
  • The best treadmill for walkers, joggers, and runner
  • The console tracks time, distance, incline, decline, speed, calorie-burning, and more
  • Included Audio and Bluetooth
  • Real-time custom programming
  • Explore the World App
  • Folding and soft drop technology
  • Friendly virtual trainer


  • No Bluetooth speaker
  • Caution of space-saving


The BXT216 is one of the best and impressive fitness treadmill from Bowflex. It is the greatest invention of Bowflex ever. You can fill up your fitness goal with this machine. You can virtually explore the world by running the high-definition location by the explore world app. Overall, it’s a great treadmill. This machine is powerful and easy to use. You can depend on it for its perfect warranty. It’s not the time for delay. So, buy this machine as fast as you can. It’s going to be your best buy.

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