ProForm HIIT Trainer Reviews

ProForm HIIT Trainer Reviews 2022

Check our Updated ProForm HIIT Trainer Reviews 2022.

Looking for a high-end elliptical or a dependable stepper? What about a hybrid one? We suggest taking a peek at this HIIT Elliptical Trainer from ProFrom.

This trainer is a combination of a stepper and elliptical motions. It’s pretty efficient for total body low-impact exercise. The low-impact workouts protect your joint from unnecessary strain or stress.

As you can see at the name of this trainer, the HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Which means a workout technique with quick and short bursts of power through a quick resting stage. This technique is admired by pro athletes for building strength and improve heart rate.

The ProForm HIIT trainer, our best elliptical of 2022, allows users to perform this technique and get a quick and overpowered workout session.

ProForm HIIT Trainer Reviews 2021

Effective Capacity of Lossing Weight

Burning calories will be a piece of cake as this trainer can burn calories 4 times faster compared to a typical treadmill. It’s effectively capable of triggering your hamstrings, calves, glutes, quads, biceps with triceps —each of them in one movement.

You can workout on your upper body, back muscles and core with the help of a multi-grip handlebar. At the same time, it turns the lower body into boxing mode. That indeed makes it an efficient cardio machine for muscle strengthening and calorie burning.

Low Impact Cardio Trainer

Every stride of this machine has a low impact because of the smoothly moving large cushioning pedals. Which gives you better endurance, comfort, and the highest efficiency. Your knees, back, hip, and joints can have a painless workout session.

This trainer allows you to burn extra calories in a less amount of time using a stair-climber / vertical elliptical motion. It’s well-built and not unstable at all. Moreover, it runs quietly, thanks to the SMR design in the flywheel.

Functions of iFit

This HIIT cardio trainer comes with a 1-year iFit subscription- worth $396. It allows you to access coached and fantastic trainer-led workouts. You can go all around the globe simulation using the iFit coach. The climbing challenge is streamed on your 7-inch display or tablet, smartphone in a quiet environment.

This trainer executes with iFit, which offers workout classes led by professionals. The resistance of the machine syncs to the trainer’s and also speed changes according to the ongoing class. You can also set your goals and record your performance results.

This elliptical machine allows you to create 4 additional profiles- accessible for family members and others. You can use the same iFit subscription in your other ProForm gym equipment. This feature helps you to analyze and store your workout data even if you change your device.

The iFit Coach helps you to reach you to a new level with its fascinating features. Moreover, it makes your workout experience more impressive and challenging like sole e95 elliptical machine.

A Dedicated SpaceSaver

One of the jaw-dropping features of this trainer is its compact size. This compact design comes pretty handy if you have a small apartment. Or simply you have more space for other equipment.

The HIIT Cardio Trainer takes less space compared to a typical treadmill or average elliptical. The dimension of this machine is pretty compact- (52 x 29.25 x 66.7) inches L x W x H . Ideal for an apartment with a shortage of space- or if you want some free space a room.


  • Weight of the Product: 180 LBS
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 350 LBS
  • Overall Dimensions: 52-inch L x 29.25-inch W x 66.7-inch H.
  • Built-In Programs: 32
  • Weight of Flywheel: 28 lbs
  • Resistance levels: 24
ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Machine Console


This trainer provides a decent amount of warranty. Which is pretty suitable for the users.

  • Warranty on Frame- 10 years
  • Warranty on parts- 2 years
  • Warranty on labor- 1 year

Detailed Specifications

As mentioned before, this machine has a pretty small footprint compared to other ellipticals’. The overall dimension of this device is 52-inch L x 29.25-inch W x 66.7-inch H. Besides, this 180 lbs machine can take up to 350 pounds of weight.

Warranty Description

This trainer provides a decent period of warranty. Which is pretty suitable for the users. The frame has a 10 years warranty of its own. And there is 2 years warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor. That should be fair enough for any gym equipment.

Moreover, this elliptical trainer machine has 32 built-in programs along with iFit Coach. Also, 24 resistance levels make this machine awesome. 28 lbs SMR designed flywheels help you get a noiseless workout experience.

Multi-grip handlebar- allows you to get a proper workout of the upper body as well as the lower body. The built-in EKG Pulse Sensor monitors your heart rate. The single-touch controls allow you to change resistance levels and speed quickly.

There are also two fans included, which keeps you cool. The display on the console is a 7-inch backlit touchscreen display.

Things To Know

HIIT trainer presents high-power interval exercises. That delivers visible results within less time. This equipment is the ideal option for small spaces-  taking up about half-space of a usual elliptical.

Major muscles of your body are activated while performing workouts in this trainer. Also, this adds the upper body to a movement. Which offers a resistance workout- burning the maximum rate of calories.

It’s a sturdy machine, which makes sure the user feels stable while doing workouts. Moreover, it doesn’t make lots of noise when you use it. The quiet flywheel makes sure of the noise-free workout experience.

This Cardio trainer works on both the lower body and upper body, like an elliptical. The whole body workout works as a great calorie burner. Unlike a typical elliptical, it helps you tone your legs, core, and arms muscles all at once.

The assembly process of this HIIT trainer is pretty simple. Like any other gym equipment, you should follow the instruction given in the user manual. The assembly process should take around thirty to sixty minutes. You can take the help of professionals in case you face difficulties understanding something.

Suitable Users for the ProForm HIIT Cardio Trainer

People who are interested in this trainer usually has these targets or goals in their mind.

  • Efficient low-impact powerful workouts.
  • Working out at home on schedule.
  • Maintain or lose a fixed weight level.
  • Get the highest results in the shortest time.
  • Total-body workout through Cardio.
  • Exercise without running.


  • Multi-grip handlebar- allows you getting a proper workout of the upper body as well as the lower body.
  • The built-in EKG Pulse Sensor- monitors your heart rate.
  • The single-touch control- allows you to change resistance levels and speed quickly.
  • Two fans included- keeps you cool.
  • One year iFit subscription included.
  • 7-inch backlit touchscreen display.
  • Low impact workouts
  • Space saver


  • Fixed strides
  • Tough HIIT workouts- not suitable for everyone such as people with high blood pressure.


Tough workouts, genuine time-saver, low-impact cardio workouts. What else anyone can expect from any gym equipment.

This ProForm HIIT Cardio Trainer will be your perfect workout companion- if you need an impact-less workout for losing weight. It provides a better output in the shortest amount of time. It’s a perfect example of effective gym equipment.

You can get the boxing-like movement using the handlebars. Plus, the 24-level tensions will give your muscles a pretty busy time. You can take the help of an iFit coach with one-touch control- it will make adjustments smoothly for you.

With the help of this exercise machine, you can easily maintain your weight within a busy schedule.

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