Sole E95S Elliptical Review

The E95 elliptical trainer is very sturdy. It has been a great success for the Sole in this 2022 and previous days. It has been sold for approx. thousands all over the world. This machine gets reviews of five stars always. In fact, it brings the best thing about the professional types of gym trainers in your home.


After passing some years, Sole Fitness decided that they would give the customers what they exactly want. That’s why they released the Sole E95S Cross Trainer and we listed this one in our elliptical reviews 2022.


  • The LCD monitor tracks times, stride, distance, level, watts, and calories.
  • Cooling fan, speaker, headphone jack, fan power switch.
  • Connect with a phone, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Programs: 10, heart rate monitor and pulse grips.
  • Handles control.
  • Adjustable stride, adjustable console.
  • Solid steel frame construction.
  • Water bottle holder.


  • Length of Stride: 18″ – 24″
  • Resistance Levels: 15
  • Pedals: Articulating & Cushioned
  • Type of Resistance: Eddy Current Braking
  • Incline: Power of Incline
  • Programs: 10
  • Flywheel: 34 pounds.
  • User Profiles: Two Users
  • Display: 9″ LCD
  • Heart Rate: Chest Strap Consistent & Pulse Grips (2 Programs)
  • Proportions: L 84″ x W 32″ x H 70″
  • Maximum Weight: 400 pounds.
  • Warranty: Frame: for Lifetime, Parts: for 5 Years, Labor: for 2 Years, Electronics:  for 5 Years

Sole E95s Elliptical In Detail Review

The E95S trainer has also these things that we liked about the Sole E95 Cross Trainer. This machine has an LCD screen that is built with a silent cooling fan. It has a speaker with an iPod connection and also has a water bottle carrier. It is perfect for you. You can have the experience of a health club in your home with this machine. And the weight capacity of this model is great. Now it’s 400 lbs. This is a pretty large boost. This machine gives a positive extant of confidence for the fundamental strength and inflexibility. 


There is a small difference between the E95S and the E95 and a lot of difference then Sole E35. The E95S has an adjustable stride of 18″-24″. The downside can be compared with E95 because it has no incline. But the E95 has no adjustable stride. The stride length of the E95 is 20”. So you have to decide now that you want it or not. You may not find this kind of feature on under 500 dollar machines.


But the E95S has no flexible foot pedal and no Power Incline. It was found on the old E95. You are losing the flexible Foot Pedal and the Power Incline in the new model. But the flexible stride is better from these. That’s why you are paying the extra 400 dollars. Think, you are quite short or tall then the flexible stride is very important and worthy for you. And most people prefer the adjustable stride for its benefit.

The E95S Trainer is very easy to set in together. We operated a time most over an hour. Normally we were very fast to collect the gym materials. Though the commands were so easy to monitor. Some of our workers are low experienced. But they can get and do work very fast. We think that the regular operator can go from punched up. And they will run for more than 2 hours in the flat. But if you are a fan of climbing machines or bike rollers or rowing machines, you can check our other posts.


It is very easy for the usage of a computer system. And honestly, you can’t use the injunction manual after the gathering of the trainer. The menus and screen instructions are very self-explanatory. After all, to get the grips this is the only trainer. We knew that the E95 is used for a regular foundation. The elliptical was very cool to use. It was also used frequently for rehab medicine and physical therapy.  

The registered Sole Fitness Elliptical LCD system is very easy to arrange for the people who are using this first time. It seems like a basic gym material. It shouldn’t be very difficult for you to get speed if you have been used any gym materials recently. The E95S elliptical has a very calm drive mechanism. We love this thing so much. But, if you are looking for a exercise machine for seniors you need to check our other posts.


This machine goes along silently while it feels the movement very easy. The new E95S cross trainer also has some usual own rule. It cheers up with your exercise rule. And it targets the particular areas of the human body exactly.

It is necessary to tell that, we got the monitor completely dependable and perfect on the test. And the monitor of the handlebar seems fully proper. No other fitness elliptical got something like that before. There are wheels of this machine. We can move this machine from here to there in our home on these wheels. We can move it very easily both back and front by the Cross Trainer. So we prefer it mostly from other home fitness materials.


There is a speaker on this machine. We can connect Phones, MP3 players, and iPods very easily. That’s why it makes the Elliptical an enjoyable gym club. The speaker does a great job inside the house. 

This machine could be more up-gradable. If there could add a reading shelf. By adding this the Sole also could upgrade its functionality. It would be more attractive if we could add these. It would be the perfect trainer for most of those people who used this type of trainer before.

Although the flexible stride is not so important for us men. But the female checkers used it very seriously. If you can set the Sole E95S trainer exactly as your shape, the female checkers love it. But there was something wrong with the old model.

The foot placement and the peddles are truly shined in the E95S Elliptical. And it has been designed specially to reduce the pressure on the joint. There is a wonderful thing about the Sole E95. The user’s comment that they feel less pressure and also less pain on their minor features. That’s why this machine has turned into a big seller. And the new E95S elliptical remains that tradition. 

There are many benefits of this new Sole E95S fitness elliptical. You will get the proof when you will use it. Ultimately we can say that this trainer is just awesome.


By end of this sole e95s review we can say, the E95 elliptical and the new E95S are both solid elliptical. With the experience of years, it’s completely capable of provides a very smooth workout. They are completely adjustable and also customizable. With adding a bonus, the E95S has few entertainment options with MP3 connectivity. The E95 elliptical and the E95S elliptical both are good. But for the adjustable stride, makes the E95S perfect. So, now the decision is yours what you need. Some people like adjusting their stride to bring the handles closer to them.


If you take our advice, then we will suggest you have the E95S elliptical. Because of its adjustable stride to getting more comfortable. If you don’t want to take the adjustable stride, then you can take E95. By taking the E95 you can save some money. But if you take our opinion, we will tell you to take the new Sole E95S. This is perfect for you.

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