Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

Finding a fascinating high-end treadmill is quite tough nowadays. As there are lots of choices available in the market, it’s easy to get confused. No worries! Here, we brought an amazing high-end treadmill for you.

Check our indepth Nordictrack commercial 2950 treadmill review below!

This Commercial 2950 from NordicTrack premieres some awesome features. The 22-inch touchscreen display is one of those. It encourages you to focus on a long workout session. With the help of iFit Coach, you will be able to train along with the street view of Google MapsTM. And, the super silent operation makes it the best quiet treadmill 2021!

A powerful motor, a durable belt, power incline, water bottle holder, cooling fans- all of these make this an ultimate home running machine. Also, the recent updates from the manufacturer make this treadmill overwhelming. We are talking about Bluetooth connectivity. This feature turns out pretty effective, as you can move around while performing workouts on it- listening to the music.

Furthermore, it’s foldable, which means you can fold up this machine whenever you are done with your workouts. And a decent amount of warranty wraps the total thing up making it an excellent workout companion.

You may think, you can find this features in a regular under 500 dollar treadmill, so why you spend a lot of money on commercial machine! Lets drive deep to discover the cause.

Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

Solid Steel Frame

The steel frame is combined with 2 side beams, 1 cross beam and another at the bottom of its deck. The steel beam is protected with a powder-coated layer. The motor is located at its front, like most of the fold-able treadmills. And a cover protects the motor from outside.

The Runners Flex cushioning is created by 4 steel springs plus one pivoting brace. This machine provides good support to the runners while running. Plus, there is a decent amount of warranty on the frame. So, no worries about the frame.


Cushioning: This machine from NordicTrack competes with other higher-priced treadmills. With its RunnerFlex cushioning. The soft cushioning mechanism gives you low impact workouts and also keeps the running surface sturdy.

The foot impact of running may be painful for the spine and joints. The cushion reduces the foot impact of running. It absorbs the shock of running and keeps your body painless. You can also turn off the cushioning to add more outdoor feeling in your workouts.

Width and Length: The running surface of this machine is pretty big and wide compared to other treadmills in this category. The 22-inch wide belt offers a two-inch more running space than the other fold-able treadmills.

The length of this running machine is also pretty impressive. The 60-inch length makes it no big deal for any long stride runner. Also, the long-running surface helps you have frequent running experience.

Powerful Motor

The motor of this machine is made considering power and durability. The 4.25 HP can efficiently manage both incline adjustments and speed. The motor of this Commercial 2950 does not produce lots of noise. It’s quieter than most of the other treadmills.

When you run with different inclines, it’s effectively capable to maintain balance. It can incline anywhere between (0-15)%, however, it takes one minute to go (0-15)%. The incline changing is steady so that you don’t have to stop running while changing the incline. You may not find this kind of powerful motor on budget exercise machine.

Console with Touchscreen Display

Most of the features of this machine are controlled by the touchscreen. So, The console design is pretty simple- with fewer buttons on the top. It has a screen, fans, One-touch controls, and speakers. The volume, fan buttons, incline controls, and physical speed buttons are located just below the touch screen. The Start and Stop buttons along with Emergency Key is also there.

The 22-inch touchscreen display is designed to perform the iFit workouts properly. The HD display brings the real feeling of working out outdoors. The touch screen is simple to arrive at and receptive for the majority of the part.

Fans and Audio Speakers

Workouts can be hard and tiring. However, it won’t be much tiring if you have 2 fans on the console. These will provide nice and gentle airflow, which will keep you cool and relaxed. There’s also another fan that is located under the console. So, you won’t have any sweety feelings while running on this machine.

The speakers are quite decent and clear. They are wrapped on the fans. Thus, the sound will be even on every side. Nothing’s like working out while playing your favorite music.

Other Storage

There’s an additional storage tray located under the console. The additional storage has a secondary fan and 2 big side pockets. Also, 2 bottle holders at the side of the console. Along with a little space for keys or phone on both sides.

However, there’s no longer any tablet holder in the latest version of this device. The manufacturers increased the size of the touchscreen and for that, they knocked out the tablet holder. But you can purchase it as an additional accessory.


Incline and Decline:

One of the best features of this 2950 is its decent decline and incline range. It helps with several training varieties and provides low-impact calorie burning. If you hike up the inclined surface, it will allow you to burn extra calories. Besides the decline mode feels more realistic. So, this feature comes kind of handy while working out from home.

Preprogrammed Workouts:

Interval training, fat burn, speed workouts, and hill training are the basic programs of this machine. You can also choose outdoor routes that have actual landscape pictures. Google Maps helps you to enjoy the workouts while showing the running route virtually. 

The iFit Subscription

The iFit is a NordicTrack’s app that has a decent amount of database of classes and running routes. The training options and several classes of this device are pretty exciting. Yet a WiFi connection is required while performing iFit programs.

Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review 3

Classes: The most popular option is its professional led classes, which are filmed in the studio. There are lots of teaching techniques and motivational styles featured in the iFit database. The classes are led by both female and male trainers.

Outdoor Routes: This outdoor route feature lets you run through any countryside or cityscapes. Track through all around the world and enjoy the natural beauty while doing so. The runners will love this feature a lot.

No worries if you are not a runner. Lots of options are available for walkers as well. Everyone loves to walk through a beautiful cityscape or a wonderful landscape. Overall this outdoor option is awesome.

Noise Level and Folding ability

The motor of this treadmill is pretty quite. This is an amazing ability of this machine. The common problem of the treadmill nowadays is its noise. But the Commercial 2950 does ao well in this sector. It’s so impressive for this treadmill.

Folding up this machine is so simple. You just have to lift the deck using a steel bar on the bottom of the base. It will rise automatically and connect to the console as well as lock perfectly. After it’s locked, it shouldn’t come unlatched accidentally. Also, it has wheels, which allows you to move the machine easily anywhere you want.


The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is also admirable for its warranty. It provides a decent amount of warranty, which is enough to satisfy its users. The motor and the frame have a lifetime guarantee. 5-years warranty on electronics and parts. Also 2-years on labor. Another noticeable fact that NordicTrack provides free delivery on its treadmill purchase.


  • Hightech 22-inch touchscreen display with HD graphics
  • Easy navigation with Streamlined console
  • One year iFit Coach subscription included with more than 16000 workouts
  • Switchable Cushioned deck
  • Extra-wide and long tread belt
  • Smooth design keeps the foot from scratching the motor cover
  • Automatically adjustable -3% decline and +15% incline- keep your hands open
  • Varieties and mixture of training with the help of Incline/Decline
  • High-end treadmill with folding capability


  • No chest strap (EKG grips included on handlebar)
  • USB port not included

If this machine is not suitable for you, you can check our climbing machine post.


New Commercial 2950 from NordicTrack is one of the best treadmills available nowadays. Its amazing features are both useful and helpful to maintain good health. But, if you are looking for a exercise machine for elderly people, you may need to check our other posts.

The latest update of this machine was a huge plus point for its users. Nowadays everyone wants Bluetooth connection in their gym equipment. So that they can move freely while doing workouts. A high-end warranty is also a selling point for this device.

It’s a treadmill that will be a perfect workout companion with its wonderful features. So, you should keep this Commercial 2950 on your list if you want to buy a treadmill.

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