Proform Performance 300i Treadmill with Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Proform Performance 300i Treadmill with Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Planning to buy a new treadmill? You may want to take a look at the ProForm 300i.

ProForm 300i is a budget treadmill with a variety of exercise options. It has iFit-Coach like other high-rated treadmill machines from ProForm. Its goal is to offer you professional guided and custom exercise experience at home. In fact it is the best treadmill under 500 dollars!

The iFit app is a well-demanded feature in the treadmill marketplace nowadays. However, it needs a paid subscription. It has sixteen per-programmed exercise methods. You can control these on the LCD with the help of one-touch control. The 2.0 HP MachZ Motor will help you to do excellent quality exercises. It’s smooth and quiet, which ensures you don’t feel irritating.


Due to Covid 19 pandemic this product is not available now. You can check  ProForm 305 CST as alternative.

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The machine has automatic incline control that makes it decline and incline without any pause. This machine is a good one as home workout exercise machine.

This treadmill is ideal for walkers as well as runners. If you want to change speed quickly, just press the single-touch key located on the display. It will increase the speed to 10MPH.

This 300i gives low impact workout on joints with a ProShox pad system. This impact-free feature guards your joints, ankles, and knees against the rough impact and injuries. Despite having a narrow running surface, the majority of runners can use it comfortably.

Furthermore, performing exercises will be a piece of cake if you can enjoy your beloved music during workouts. The aux port and two included speakers make the experience awesome. and its silent operation let you enjoy music and movies as well. This features makes it best quiet treadmill of 2021!

Another fantastic feature of this machine is the EKG Pulse Sensor. It monitors your heart rate plus maintains it.

Proform Performance 300i Treadmill with Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Specified Features along with Programs

  • The 300i treadmill has sixteen built-in workout programs. 8 of them are planned to lose fat, along with the other 8, which are planned to improve performance.
  • This treadmill can connect with both iFit and Google Maps. You can replicate a real-world atmosphere if you connect it to Google Maps using an Internet device or smartphone.
  • With the help of the iFit application, you can track your workout growth and store the data for further comparison like Nordictrack Commercial 2950 treadmill.

Technical Information

Despite being an average price range model, the ProForm Performance 300i offers a couple of quality features. It’s an big-sized treadmill with a dimension of 64.7″ (Length) x 28.9″ (Width) x 55″ (Height). If you want to buy this fitness machine for seniors you can definitely buy this one.

Some people have limited space in their house. With this Treadmill, it’s not a big deal. It comes with a gorgeous space-saving function. Its foldable design helps you save some space when it’s not used.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 300Lbs. But, if you are looking for more like 400lbs for bulky user. You can check our Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill review. Item Weight (approximately): 203Lbs. Tread Belt Dimension: 16 inch wide and 50 inch long.

Features Related to Computer

A fairly affordable treadmill is supposed to come with limited computer functions. However, the 300i comes with a surprise. It might be your perfect companion as home fitness machines.

You can operate 2 high-tech applications in this device. Its display is not that vibrant as other high-end treadmills. Yet it’s not much to complain when you get awesome features within this budget. You also get a decent amount of tracking varieties, those includes:

  • Time elapsed- helps you tracking the workout time.
  • Track display- shows the location if you run on a regular ¼ -mile track.
  • Calories burned.
  • Incline and speed.
  • Total distance traveled.
  • Heart rate.

Another amazing feature of this device is, it has a chest strap heart rate monitor. This feature is quite uncommon among the treadmills in this price range. Even you may not find chest strap on modern treadmill like WALKINGPAD A1.

This heart rate monitor is pretty effective for people who train to aim at heart rate and similar techniques. This feature is necessary for runners for monitoring heart rate while running speedily. Running and monitoring heart rate at the same time using a handlebar is quite impossible you know.

The display and computer options are handy enough to operate them while jogging as well as running. The color-coded and large buttons ensure the adjustment of incline and speed. It is quite straightforward and easy.

The Featured Workouts

The 300i includes sixteen workouts– half of them are for burning fat, and the other half is for performance. It should be enough to maintain proper health. However, you can create a variety of workouts using the iFit application.

The variable features along with a variety of exercise options make it an admirable choice for some exercisers. Yet, you should consider some features. This treadmill has an accessible running area of 16-inch x 50-inch.

It may not be a big of a deal for some users. But folks with long strides can have difficulties to reach their maximum stride. At the same time, the maximum running speed is 10MPH. This can be substandard for people who want more speed.

Durability and Warranty

Well, we all know that the Proform 300i is a budget device. Expecting too much out of it won’t be fair. There shouldn’t be any problem using this treadmill. However, you shouldn’t push it too much. Since this is not a professional one. But, if you looking for professional one you can check out our NordicTrack T9.5S, ProForm Pro 9000, Bowflex BXT216, or Nautilus T618 post.

Though any gym equipment will last long if that is maintained properly. Same with this one. If you look after it properly, it won’t disappoint you. Just be aware that it is a cheap one and maintain it from time to time and it will be good as new.

Although the 300i is a budget-friendly treadmill, it provides a decent amount of warranty.

  • On motor: 5-years
  • On frame: 5-years
  • On labor: 90-days
  • On parts: 90-days

Running Surface

ProForn Performance 300i has a ProShox cushioning method. This feature is helpful for the ankles, knees, and hips. It will be useful if you have an issue with your ankles and knees. You can avoid the pain using the low impact workouts.

The big disappointment of this machine is its running surface area. It can be an unpleasant experience if you are a tall person. With the (16 x 50)-inch running surface, you will be unable to run at full stride. Also, you have to look at your footsteps as the width of the running area is kind of narrow. Nevertheless, it can be compromised if you look at the bright side of the treadmill.

Assembly and Shipping

When it comes to assembly, it’s kind of easy-peasy. The process is quite simple and straight-forward. Follow the instructions given in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

The Alex keys come with the enclosed. However, needlenose pliers and Phillips screwdriver will be needed in the process. If you follow the instructions properly, it may take approximately 1 or 2 hours for assembling the machine completely.

The shipping expense depends on your location given in the order. Though some online retailers provide free shipping, which will save you some bucks.


  • It provides better features comparing others in this price range.
  • There is a chest strap to monitor heart rate.
  • endless workout experience with App connectivity.
  • Access to iFitTM app and Google MapsTM.


  • Smaller running area.
  • The maximum running speed of 10 MPH makes it imperfect for sprinting.


Overall, Proform 300i is an affordable treadmill with some jaw-dropping features. Some of these are unimaginable in this budget range. The modern design, solid construction, and app connectivity of the machine keep it ahead of others.

It comes with a pleasant LCD console along with practical one-touch control. It would’ve been better if the display was backlit. Yet it’s fine considering the budget. If you put the narrow running area aside, the Proform Performance 300i offers the best worth for the cash.  Though some features are compromised for supporting its budget-friendly price.

This treadmill allows you to maintain a healthy life within a budget-friendly price range. So, turn the music on, break a leg, stay fit, stay healthy.

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