Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

Nautilus introduce T618 as an affordable indoor treadmill for the fitness enthusiast in 2016. From the beginning till today, this awesome workout machine is a high-quality innovation in its price range. 3.5 Continuous Duty Horsepower motor with advanced cushioning and large workout area makes this machine a must-have tool for home gym and commercial gym runners. Its interactive training program, easy fold, and soft-drop unfold gives this T618 treadmill an extra interest point.

Also, the virtual tour training program is another addition to make you feel a worldwide outdoor environment from your home gym on indoor workout session!

If you are a RunSocial Apps user you can integrate your apps with this treadmill via Bluetooth and enjoy group running or solo run all over the world virtually. You will get Pacer, Compare, and Fitness reading to help you achieve your fitness goals! And, T618’s quick sync Bluetooth technology will help you to synchronize this workout data with various fitness apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Nautilus Trainer, etc. in real-time.

You will get audio speakers to listen to your favorite music, a cooling fan to keep you cool and longer-lasting warranty periods to make your urge to reality to get this awesome T618 treadmill.

We select this one as one of the best quiet treadmill. If you are not convinced enough yet, let’s drive deep on its features, pros, and few cons. And, you can check price by click the button below. But, if you are looking for budget treadmill, you can check our best treadmill under 500 post.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review : In Detail


The Nautilus T618 treadmill has steel support beams to stabilize the frame and keep the platform elevated. The 3.5 hp motor is quiet and anchored to the front end of the deck, allowing it to fold vertically. The motor provides inclined transitions and smooth speed, so you don’t be unbalanced without a stick to the handrails. As we mentioned before, you can fold and store this treadmill anywhere you want. And, to mobilize your folded machine, Nautilus attached transpiration wheels under the frame.

nautilus t618 review

So that, you can gently move after fold the treadmill running machine. Nautilus offers an excellent 15-year warranty on the frame and motor, which is more than what other machines on the same budget provides and reflects its build quality. As a home exercise equipment this t618 is a great device to pick.


There are two well-positioned handrails. You can be steady while you jog as well as you can move your arms freely too. They have urethane coating protection to make them moisture resistant. Simply wipe your sweat with wet cloths to sanitize handrails. It has a curved support bar with heart rate sensors. This bar is placed horizontally so that you can hold it in time of getting off the machine.


Rebound Cushioning or Rebound System makes users comfortable while jogging. Nautilus T618’s deck has been equipped with this advanced cushioning system. It will prevent joint or spine pain to give you a pleasurable running experience.


This machine has 60 inches long and 20 inches wide running deck. It is slandered in size, just 2 inches narrower than usual 22 inches wide. But, it doesn’t matter actually. These 2 inches will help you to store your treadmill in a narrower place.

Belt and Rollers

T168 has a 3-ply, 2.5 mm running belt which is impressive. 2.75-inch large rollers help move the belt to reduce tension and friction.


T618 Treadmill Machine

This treadmill has a 3.5 HP motor with a 15% inclined facility. You can jog and walk as much as you want. And, adjust the speed from 0.5 – 12 mph while you walk or run. This 3.5 horsepower motor is quiet smooth and silent in operation. Its noise won’t disturb you to enjoy your most-loved music while your workouts. The motor has been placed under the deck. Its placement won’t disturb you in time of exercise.


There are two LCD screens. The first one is small and on the top to display fitness scores and distances only. And, the second one is large and under the first screen to display time, speed, heart rate, incline, and your current workout program in detail. These easy to read screens has blue backlit.


The T618 has a smart control console, you will get all control buttons together in front of you. On the right side, you will get an enter and select button to toggle between speed and programs. Unlike other treadmills speed changing button is not a single one. Instead of a single button, you will get a 2 – 12 mph button. And, there are also separate buttons for incline.

You will get the speed control and incline control buttons on both sides of handrails (speed button on right and incline button on the right side). So, you don’t need to move your hands from handrails to change speed and incline. Both controls are available at your fingertips.


You will get two water bottle holders to hand a magazine tray as storage. There are three bottle holders like space at the back, if you need some extra space to keep newspapers, bottle, cup, or anything handy, you can defiantly keep them on this treadmill while you workout.


The Nautilus T618 is a super performance home treadmill. As we mentioned before, you will get a silent 3.5 HP motor. Its max user weight capacity is 350 lbs. That means it’s good for bulky and senior peoples too. This machine’s long warranty period reminds me of its quality. This is the best choice for a jog, walk, and light running.

Preloaded Workout Programs

There is 26 workout program presorted on this treadmills console. You can start running by just plugging in and select any workout program you like. Which is a good option for elderly. This machine will be best choice for senior too.

Smart Sync

The smart sync function lets you sync your workout data with popular fitness apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Nautilus Trainer, etc.

Noise Level

The T618’s motor is quite powerful but, its operation is pretty quiet. We select this one as one of the best quiet treadmills.


This treadmill is a folding one, It’s folding system allow you to store anywhere you want. It has soft-drop technology to help you with easy unfold.


The Nautilus T618 is a mid-range treadmill. But, its cushioned deck, LCD console, 12mph max speed, Bluetooth capability, and advanced incline system remind us of a commercial-grade machine. This plug-and-play treadmill has an easy controlling system for all age group users. So, if you are looking for a simple well-balanced treadmill for your home or office. Do not hesitate to grab this one.

Happy Fitness!

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