How To Clean An Elliptical Machine

As the elliptical machine takes care of your body, it is also important to take care of your workout companion. Cleaning it regularly can help you with that. Also, cleaning your elliptical can increase its lifespan.

While you are doing workout on the machine, you are getting sweaty all over. You don’t want sweat all over the handlebar and the paddle the next time you ride it. Also, sweat makes it sticky and it is not a good feeling. So, it’s an excellent idea to clean the machine from time to time.

The external parts off the machine continuously get in touch with the users. So, it requires to be germ-free. Especially when multiple people use it. Infectious diseases can spread from unclean gym equipment.

Many microbe diseases spread through gym equipment like elliptical trainer. Consequently, it is important to use a disinfectant solution when you clean the machine. The parts which are touched repeatedly are also supposed to be taken care of.

how to clean an elliptical machine

For external cleaning, you can use any soft cloth dipped on soap solution and water. Carefully wipe the outer surface of the machine and try not to wet the cloth too much. There are electrical parts inside the elliptical. Thus, direct contact with water will increase the possibility of malfunction.

This methods will work for treadmill and other workout equipment. so, follow the following instructions for other machines like rowing machine, bike roller, climbing machine etc. But, if your fitness machine use by elderly person, you need to be more careful and deep clean your workout machine.

Furthermore, you should clean the console with a dry cloth. Wet cloth and fluids can damage the console. You can apply silicone spray to wipe the rails of both sides with a cloth.

Now it’s the turn of internal cleaning. A vacuum cleaner is effective while cleaning the internal of this device. Just be careful for quiet machines. Because there may be some components, what may displace by vacuum air flow.

At first, you have to open the shell of the elliptical. Do not try to force it too much when you are opening the cover. There are several screws on the cover of the machine. Turn those screws anticlockwise with a screwdriver or hex key/Allen key (which is applicable). Then gently remove the cover.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust and dirt from the machine. You can use any settings of the vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the machine. A dry cloth will also be helpful if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

Inspect all inside the machine and look if there is any dust left. You should clean the inside of the elliptical at least twice a year. The squeaky sound of the elliptical should be resolved if you clean and maintain it well.

clean elliptical

Some expert’s opinion is given below.

  • Inspect display console monthly and clean weekly.
  • Inspect the console mounting once a year.
  • Inspect trim pieces and plastic cover monthly and clean every week.
  • Clean and dry the frame carefully per week as well as inspect once a year.
  • Clean bottle storage or accessory tray weekly and inspect once in a month.
  • For repairs, service, and replacement parts refer to a professional technician.

Gym equipment like elliptical should be cleaned often. It will get all dusty before you know it. Though it is recommended to clean it after every use. Sweat and dirt are the reasons for its proper clean-up. Wiping out all the sweat after every use makes it easier to keep the machine clean.

You don’t want the dirt to enter from the base of the machine. The machine can be dirty from the floor. So, you should use a mat to keep the dirt away from the machine. The mat also protects the floor. Moreover, it is helpful if there is any squeaky sound.

Cleaning your elliptical is not that tricky. All you need is some motivation to start the work. And also cleaning the machine regularly prevents any chance of malfunction. It can increase the lifetime of the machine.

If you face any difficulty cleaning the device, you shouldn’t hesitate to call for help. You should call an authorized professional in that case.  

As cleaning is important to keep the machine working, it is also important to follow the proper guideline to clean it. Cleaning should be done following the guideline provided by the manufacturer.

These elliptical machines are not that cheap. Therefore, you should clean and maintain them from time to time. If you follow the tips provided here, your elliptical should be good as new.

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  1. We just had a new elliptical delivered and the off-gassing wasn’t noticed until after the delivery guys drove away. We’ve closed th e room it’s in and have a box fan and an open window going. Any suggestions?

  2. Great advice using a vacuum cleaner to get the dust out of the harder-to-reach spots! Cleaning gym equipment is vital to optimal health!

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