Where to Recycle Old Exercise Equipment?

We use various types of exercise equipment to keep our bodies fit and fine. It’s not possible to use an equipment lifetime. After a certain period, an exercise machine becomes worthless and we need to change that equipment. That’s why we need to recycle the old workout equipment before purchase a new one.

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You may get confused about recycling, do not worry, you landed on the right page. Now, where to recycle old exercise equipment? I’m going to discuss it below.

If you are in a condition with an unwanted workout instrument like the elliptical machine, treadmill, or a recumbent exercise bike and this is stressing you. And you want to get rid of this condition. Then, we have some options that can help you to figure out. You will know how you can recycle old workout tools. You can take any option given below. But your chosen option will be depending on where you living. So, you have kept in mind, while you’re reading the options below. Here are five ways to be released from this problem. They are- sell the used exercise equipment, call for a junk removal company, post online, ask friends and relatives, or donate it. Now I’m going to discuss in detail about those points below –

Here is Where to Recycle Old Exercise Equipment

Sell the Used Exercise Equipment

It’s always a great option for selling old exercise equipment. Especially in the summertime. Because this time, if this equipment works and you did not use it, then it collects dust in the garage or basement. So, sell it. Many fitness gear companies want to buy used workout equipment. Even they pick it up also. 

Or, you can sell it personally too. It would be much costlier for some people to get new exercise equipment. So, they search for a piece of used equipment with standard qualities. With this used equipment, they can start their basic workout session. So, they search for old exercise equipment. Now, you have to find out these people who need the old equipment in your nearby club or other gathering places. Or, you can post it on any online classified websites like offerup, letgo or facebook marketplace.

And you have to sell it to him/her. Because we know that, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

Call a Junk Exclusion Company

When the fitness equipment is not able to usable and it is beyond repair then maybe it becomes junk. And you get desperate with your old fitness equipment then you should try for a junk exclusion company. They will come and take your old equipment to the junkyard by charging a little amount fee. Their teams are expert and dependable, who know how to move your heavyweight gym equipment without harming your floors, walls, and furniture. 

Where to Recycle Old Exercise Equipment

Truly, this is the easiest and less stressful way to be released from heavy fitness equipment. So, you don’t have to worry about getting outdoors or downstairs the elliptical, treadmill, and other fitness equipment. 

Post Online

You can post about your unnecessary fitness instrument on social media groups or online fitness forums. Though you have to be ready before post online. If your home is not insured, you have to be more aware. Because random people will watch your post and they may want to check the equipment personally.

Unfortunately, if they harm any item in the process of moving them. You have got to require all responsibilities yourself. So it’s better to post it on a personal profile where only friends and known people will see your posts. And, if you are in a hurry to move your old exercise machine and you can afford random people to come to your place, you can defiantly go for a public post on relevant groups or forums. Even on local classified or craigslist websites.

Ask your Friends and Relatives

This is another option. You may have friends and relatives who are planning to buy exercise equipment. You definitely can ask them about your old exercise equipment if they needed. Or, you can post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profile with pictures. So that they can knock you if anyone needs it.

Donate It

If your gym equipment is still working, you can donate this machine to any old age home or any nearby charity club. If you check your area, you will find some native charities, community centers, retirement homes, or even high schools. If they need old usable fitness equipment, you can donate to them. Generally, these places needed any type of fitness equipment. And these people know how to maintain or fix these types of fitness equipment.

Where to Recycle Old Exercise Equipment? 1

If you have old exercise equipment but you don’t know about the facilities of that gym equipment. Then you can just donate those things to places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Or, you can contact goloadup.com, pickupplease.org, etc. It is a great source to help others in their need. And you are also helping yourself this coming tax season.

Ultimately, we can say that you can do anything better with your old exercise equipment. Before doing other things, you should follow the above instruction. By doing this, you can recycle your old exercise equipment and manage a place for a new one at your home gym.

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  1. I have NORDICTRACK recumbent stationary bike that I want out of my house, it’s brand new , just collecting dust in my living room. I want it out, but I cannot afford to pay to anybody to remove it. I am a handicapped senior citizen and will really need some help here. Thanks.

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