How to Fix Elliptical Squeak

Elliptical squeaking is one of the most annoying problems that you can have. It’s hard to exercise when your elliptical make noise, especially if it bothers other people in your house or apartment complex.

The good news is that you can do a few simple things to get rid of this problem for good. If you face this kind of Elliptical problem then some small trick will bring the machine back on foot in no time. Regular maintenance can easily avoid this kind of malfunction along with other problems. But if you already have that issue, don’t worry, here’s a ‘squeaking” solution for you. It’s easy!

  • Identify the source of the sound
  • Get it fixed
  • And maintain the workout machine from time to time

How to Fix Elliptical Squeak – Troubleshooting 

Find a Flat and Balanced Floor

So many reasons can cause the squeaking sound of the elliptical. And let’s start with the obvious one, uneven floor or placement. Before taking any actions, you may want to take a look if the floor is completely flat. Sometimes uneven floors can cause damage to the machine. It also can be the reason for making noises.

Doing workouts on an unbalanced exercise machine is a thing that you should really avoid. Not only does that increase the risks of an unwanted injury, but it also can damage the device itself.

So, clear out all the other things near the elliptical and check if it’s well balanced. Also, check if something went under the workout machine that makes it vibrate. Leave at least 1-2 feet area free around the machine. Using an exercise mat under the elliptical is also recommended. You can try out the Foam Interlocking Exercise Gym Floor Mat Tiles, they are good!

Tighten the Hardware Connections

Some exterior nuts tend to loosen up over time due to using them over and over again. And that might be the source of this noise in your workout machine. So before opening the outer shell of the elliptical, make sure you check all the outer nuts and screws. Also, look for any missing screws. If you find one, tighten the hardware and see if that works.

The other common reason behind this irritating squeaking sound is probably the dust. Dust can gather in the machine where the wheels meet the belt. However, it is not difficult to clean the dust in an elliptical.

Check for a Loose Nut/Bolt Connection

If the noise comes from the flywheel or frame, it may be time to inspect your bolts and screws. First, look at every bolt on the machine to make sure they are all intact. Next, make sure there aren’t any bent parts. If everything looks OK, go ahead and check out the screws. You may want to take the console off of the frame so that you have an easier time trying to fix it.

If the squeak is coming from the left or right upright, the chances are that it’s because one of the pedals on your elliptical is loose. It’s best to inspect both of these pedals for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any fraying or tears, go ahead and replace them with a new pedal. Also, make sure that the threads of the screws and bolts are not stripped or missing.

Another reason that it may be squeaking is that there might be a problem with the bearings. If you think your bearings might need to be replaced, go ahead and take off all of the covers to check them out. Make sure they don’t look worn down. If there are missing ball bearings, you might need to replace them.

Lubricate the Joints and Pedal Mechanism

If you find that this noise is coming from the front of the machine, it might be time to check the levelers. The levelers are located on each rear foot post. First, remove them and then try lubricating all four places where they were sitting by putting white lithium grease on them.

After checking out these possible causes for your elliptical squeak, go ahead and lubricate the areas that need it. If you decide to replace a part, make sure that you have a professional install it so that everything will be done correctly. After taking care of these issues, go ahead and try out your elliptical. If you hear a squeak, repeat the process until your squeaking stops.

For the lubricant, avoid using petroleum-based lubricants. Instead, a silicon-based lubricant like the IMPRESA Silicone Lubricant is recommended. You can also use the DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant Aerosol Spray if you prefer spray lubricant.

Elliptical Maintainance tips

Problem with your exercise machines such as elliptical can be annoying. And when your workout machine is making weird noises all the time, it gets hard to even focus on your workouts. But you can avoid this squeaking issue along with any others with a few maintenance habits.

  • Clean it from time to time (after every use if possible)
  • Lubricate it from time to time
  • Avoid spilling liquid on it
  • Avoid damaging it from the outside
  • Check the parts, including nuts and screws (once or twice a month)

Or you can follow this video guide from ExpertVillage Leaf Group. along with our quick tips!


Fortunately, squeaking is one of the most common problems that can happen with an elliptical machine. You can make some simple tweaks to get rid of this problem for good. A proper maintenance routine will keep your equipment from these issues and allow you to exercise in peace without bothering other people around you. Hopefully, this helped you get rid of the squeaking problem of your elliptical.

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