Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is one of the best treadmill among the Pro series of ProForm.

It is a higher standard treadmill than ProForm’s previous model. It is an excellent treadmill not only for its gorgeous look but also for its usefulness.

The Pro 9000 is the luxury model among the Pro series. Before buying a treadmill, you should have a look at the Pro 9000.

Now I am going to discuss its effectiveness. I hope you’ll enjoy its feature.

proform pro 9000 2021

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review In Detail

Due to Covid 19 pandemic this product is not available for now. You can check ProForm 705 CST, ProForm 2000, ProForm Performance 300i, or ProForm 905-CST.  All of them are produced by ProForm and from same class as Pro 9000. We will notify here after this model has been available again. Stay Safe!


The ProForm pro 9000 treadmill comes with super-strong 4 HP powerful motor, but this one operate silently. Thats why we listed this one as best quiet treadmill. It is one of the strongest motorized at this price point. It can power the treadmill through long, running workout without strain. It can speed up 0 MPH to 12 MPH. For running and jogging, this speed is perfect. If you’re a runner, this motor speed should be perfect for you. Don’t worry about speed control. You can control its speed by its speed controlling system.

This treadmill’s motor is excellent. So, it doesn’t create noise like other normal treadmills. That’s why you can use this treadmill continuously without disturbing anybody.


The Pro 9000 treadmill comes with a 10” full-color LCD monitor. This display is a full touchscreen. You can see the time, speed, steps, distance, pulse, calories burned, and more.

You can surf the net, check email, and watch the YouTube videos with the swipe of your finger.


Running Surface

This treadmill has a large running area. The measure of this area is 60” in length and 22” in width. This standard feature is for the runners. Even if you choose this exercise machine for seniors, they can comfortably exercise on this cross trainer. When you need more space for running, here it is. You can spread your hand and leg comfortably while running. For this perfect running space, you can enjoy your running workout. The maximum weight capacity of the deck is up to 300 lbs.

Workout Program

The ProForm 9000 treadmill is a wise and good variety trainer. This machine has 40 pre-planned workout programs. Each program has its own workout plan. They can make your exercise routine more enjoyable. You can select this machine as a perfect tools as your home exercise equipment.

They can track speed, time, distance, calories burned, and intensity workouts. The 40 programs apps also can track decline and incline automatically.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Pro 9000 treadmill comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor. This treadmill has a dual-grip and EKG heart rate monitoring system. Here is also a hand sensor. It helps you to stay in your target heart rate zone. For wireless pulse monitor, it has a chest strap. You may find this kind of facilities on high end treadmills

iFit Coach

The Pro 9000 comes with the iFit LIVE. You can move around all over the world by iFit apps on the console screen. The Pro 9000 treadmill has a wireless internet connection. You can run iFit coach on your 10” monitor. You can start your membership with iFit coach through a paid subscription at $9 per month.

The most advertise benefit for iFit is outdoor training. By using google map on your monitor, you can draw a real road route, and can track of the world’s best place. When you can see the street view on your screen, then you will enjoy your running. 

You can feel yourself on that street, which you are seeing on the monitor. Most of the videos are HD quality. You must enjoy that video. And you can make your exercise more enjoyable. You can also download new workouts from the celebrity trainers and tracks your fitness statistics over time. If you don’t need iFit to use this treadmill, then you have to purchase an online subscription.


The pro series treadmill uses ProShox cushioning on its deck. This feature helps you to make your exercise safer and comfortable. The pro 9000 treadmills can reduce impact up to 28%. Don’t worry about your safety, because of this system bases on air. For, this kind of facially, some user like treadmill running instead of outdoor running.

Incline and Decline

You get up to 15% inclines even a 3% declines for added cross-training on this treadmill. It helps you to get fit faster. For making your exercise more comfortable, you should use its incline. You can also use the decline in preparing for an outdoor workout. You may get around 12% incline on most of the popular treadmills. But, ProForm put 15% and 3% declines on this machine. You may not find this kind of features on other kind of workout machine.

Folding Design & Outlook

The total dimension of this treadmill is L 77” x W 39” x H 70”. Its whole body parts are full of stainless steel. Its fold-able design makes it more beautiful. You can bend this treadmill very easily by its folding system.

After folding, this machine doesn’t take more space like BX216. That’s why you can store it anywhere from your house.

Even this one’s folding system is much better then Nautilus T618. Do not waste you time on research, go, grab one for your house, apartment or office!

Audio & Bluetooth

Music is a perfect company of workout. While working out, you can listen to your favorite music. Here is a well-built speaker on the console. You can connect your phone and can listen to music. Listening to music, you can make your workout more enjoyable. Here is also a cooling fan on the top. It helps you to keep yourself calm and fresh. Other kinds of fitness machine may not have this kind of features.

Tablet & Water Bottle Holder

A sturdy, removal bucket holds your tablet above the console. You can watch movies and series while you are running. It doesn’t cover the console. You can notice your workout stats or surfing the net on the console. So, the tablet holder works as a great feature. There is a second tray under the console. You can use it to hold keys, water bottles, and more. You may not find this kind of feature on other kind of exercise machine.


This treadmill comes with excellent warranty coverage. This treadmill comes with a ten years’ warranty on its frame and motor, two years on parts, and one year on labor. That means you can be safe about the question of warranty.


  • 4 CHP super-strong motor with ten years’ warranty
  • 10” touchscreen full-color LCD monitor
  • Running belt can speed up to 12 MPH
  • 40 pre-planned workout apps
  • 15% incline and a 3% decline
  • iFit enabled
  • EKG wireless heart rate monitor
  • Integrated tablet and a water bottle holder
  • A great space saver foldable design
  • ProShox cushioning on the running belt
  • The smartphone is connectable with a high-quality sound system speaker
  • Great warranty coverage


  • iFit coach costs an extra dollar
  • 10 percent restocking fee on returning policy

In spite of this two cons this machine is a great selection for commercial or home-gym use.

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The Pro 9000 treadmill is a sturdy machine. This treadmill is perfect for its large quantity of workout programs. It also has a super-strong motor. And the belt has an excellent speed range.

You will be secure on its running belt. For a better experience, you can use the incline. If you want a premium and friendly runner treadmill that can grow your strength and keep you entertained for years, you’ll love the Pro 9000. It comes with an excellent price. And it is sturdier than the previous model. So, it can take a long-running workout without any break. Ultimately, I can say that this is the best treadmill in this piece range. So, you should purchase one for you. If you buy this treadmill, it will be your best buy.

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