How to Treadmill without a Treadmill? 4 Practical Tips

How to Treadmill Without a Treadmill?

To treadmill without treadmill is usually means to run without a treadmill, if we accept the concept of to treadmill is to run. Workouts from home have become a popular and efficient choice over time, especially in this Covid-19 era. And the solution might be running on a treadmill or elliptical. however, many of us might not have access to those workout machines at this moment.

But there are some equipment-free workouts that you can do at home and as the title says treadmill without a treadmill is one of them. Yes, you can do some of the treadmill workouts without a treadmill. And we’ve come up with the following solutions that can be your treadmill alternative at home.

How to Treadmill without a Treadmill? - Four practical tips based on experience.

Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is a very good indoor exercise equivalent to running. Depending on your climbing speed and consistency, you might burn more calories than running. If you climb up and down a building for an hour, you can burn as much as approx. 1,000 calories.

The result might vary depending on the condition and place but stair climbing is a hell of a way to break some sweat. That’s why wise men say, take stairs instead of elevators. So, you don’t have to search about how to run at home without equipment, you can climb some stairs instead.

How to treadmill without a treadmill

Running in one place

Running in one place

This might sound a bit odd to you, but yes, you can run or simulate the motion of running while being at the same place. All you have to do is mimic the motion of running, and that is to lift your knees as high as your hips.

Lift your left knee and right hand like you are marching while standing on the spot. Then do similar movements with your opposite foot and arms. This can be as effective as walking or running outside or on a treadmill as long as you keep up the pace. The good old saying never disappoints, it also applies for running in one place, Slow and steady wins the race.

Keep running for 15 to 20 minutes or so and take short breaks between running sessions. Well, this might not be as interesting or entertaining as running outside but it’ll work just fine as running at home for weight loss.

Running in the backyard

This one is pretty simple actually, and it is exactly what it sounds like, if you have a backyard at home, It’s wise to use it for fitness purposes. As many of us are stuck at home in the Covid-19 situation, this will be the perfect solution for indoor running workouts.

You should clean the backyard and check if the surface is completely flat or not. A rough or bumpy runway can be a reason for painful injuries, so be careful about this.

So, make sure the backyard, at least the place you’ll be running is free of any obstacles and you are good to go.

Running in the backyard Photo

Walking lunges

Walking lunges Photo

Walking lunge is another effective workout that you can do at home that doesn’t require an indoor running machine. Static lunges are also an effective workout but with the walking lunge, you take it a step further.

Walking lunge is pretty simple as well, you can do this calorie-burning exercise without any equipment. But you can use some weights as well, dumble for example. Before you start, absolutely make sure that you warmed up a little bit, the last thing you want is an injury.

First, stand up straight, you can put your hands on the hips or hold dumbbells in both hands if you like. Now take your right step forward and lower your body as the right leg gets parallel to the ground. Take the left leg forward without removing the right leg, get lower at a lunge position, and repeat., as simple as that.


Running at home without a treadmill might seem hard but it’s indeed very much possible. Treadmills make it so much easier to be fit at home, especially in this Covid-19 era when maintaining social distance is a must.

However, there are definitely ways that you can do it, run or I should say treadmill without a treadmill. The easiest way to do so are mentioned above, Stay Home, Stay Healthy!

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