WALKINGPAD A1 Foldable Treadmill Review

The treadmill is the most common equipment among all gym equipment. WalkingPad is also a part of a treadmill. Here, I’ll discuss about the WalkingPad A1 Foldable Treadmill in detail. You will learn about something more than its feature below. It is a very enjoyable walking machine. Its foldable design has made it awesome. Let’s talk about some features of this treadmill.  

Xiaomi Walking Pad

WALKINGPAD A1 Foldable Treadmill Review- In Detail

If you are looking for a under $500 treadmill for your homegym or office, This WalkingPad is a great piece of machine from Xiaomi for you! Elegant design and smooth operation make this treadmill one of the quiet treadmill among our top 10 selection. Lets drive deep into its features and details: 

Dual Speed Mode 

This treadmill has two types of speed modes. They are Manual (M) and Automatic (A) mode. The manual mode runs by the remote controlling system. This is a very simple way to control your machine’s speed. You can increase your running speed by pressing the plus (+) key and to decrease the speed, you have to press the minus (-) key of the remote. If you are a beginner, you should choose this option. On the other hand, the automatic mode is running by your footstep. There is a three-speed zone (we will discuss the detail below).  If you are a skilled operator, this option is suitable for you. 

Automatic Speed Controlling

The most remarkable feature of this treadmill is its automatic speed controlling system. You will be impressed with this feature. The walking pad is divided into three types of zones, like acceleration zone, uniform zone, and deceleration zone. You can control the machine’s running speed by moving your footprints on those zones. While starting the walk, you have to keep your feet on the acceleration zone then it will speed up automatically. For keeping average speed, you have to walk in the central area of the walking pad. For reducing speed, you have to keep your footsteps in the deceleration zone. By keeping your foot on the deceleration zone, the machine will stop at once.

Multiple Protections

Are you warring about your security? No problem! This feather will help you. Because this machine has some security protectors also. You will be secure while running by using some awesome features of WalkingPad’s, like overload protection, auto standby, child lock protection, learner speed limit operation, etc.

Visualized Data

You will know every single information about your walking improvement through the WalkingPad app. First of all, you have to download the WalkingPad app on your phone and connect it with the treadmill through Bluetooth. You will know about how many kilometers you walk, how many calories you burnt, steps, time, etc. on your phone. You can notice those things on the dashboard also through its LED light. It’s better to say that, when the treadmill is off it looks like a clean metal slate and when it’s on, it seems like a clear dashboard.  

walkingpad a1 foldable treadmill


This machine does not create a sound like another traditional treadmill for its wear-resistance and anti-slip belt. So, you can jog or walk very fairly at the office or home. Without disturbing your family members, your neighbor, and your office colleagues or even yourself, you can reach on your walking goal.  

Walk while Working

You can do some light work while walking on the treadmill. Such as, you can watch TV, you can listen to music, you can read the newspaper, even you can phone someone while you’re walking on the treadmill. So, you can walk anytime. 

walkingpad a1 treadmill

Smart Design

The WalkingPad treadmill’s body is built with Aluminum alloy. That minimizes capacity, integrity, and endurance. Aluminum metal is not only extremely strong but also lightweight. This is a foldable walking pad. You can fold this walking pad easily from the mid-point. And its set-up is easier too.

Move and Store

After folding, you can move this treadmill very smoothly with its bottom wheel. You don’t have to panic about where will you store this machine. This treadmill has a very thin design. You can store it anywhere of your home and office like; under the sofa, under the bed, under the desk, etc. 

Exercise Experience

The WalkingPad has a comfortable and smooth walking surface with solid grips. Your joints will be protected by its plastic runway. The walking deck brings a layer of safety soft gel. It is extremely smooth and can provide a comfortable feeling while walking. It is suitable for doing exercise somewhere, like; office, home, garden, etc. By these, you will get a comfortable walking experience.


Smart foldable settings.

Very easy to set-up.

Lightweight and moveable through the wheel.

Dual-mode included (Manual and Automatic).

Multiple security protection facilities.

Don’t create noise while running.

Conveniently store under the bed, sofa, desk, etc.

Connected WalkingPad App through Bluetooth.

Easy remote controlling system for beginners.

90% space-saving than another traditional treadmill.


This treadmill has no pause button.


Ultimately, I will tell you that WalkingPad is made for your general fitness level. It is a versatile walking treadmill according to it’s all feature. You can do your exercise peacefully on your home, office, even garden. You can see about your fitness how much are you improving through the WakhingPad app. You can do any light-work while walking. You can store this machine anywhere for its smart foldable, and thin design.

Your walking exercise will be enjoyable with this WalkingPad. You might get a smooth, easy, and comfortable walking experience. So, I am sure that, you are going to purchase this treadmill for awesome walking practice.  

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