How to Lubricate A Treadmill

How to Lubricate A Treadmill : DIY Methods

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Treadmill, an essential investment for your physical well-being. So, keeping your treadmill running is also essential for you. And, it is necessary to lubricate it once in a while to keep your running machine run. Even if it seems to be working smoothly it’s good to lube the treadmill once in a while. Here are some often asked questions and their solutions about lubricating a treadmill.

If you check closely, you may notice various nuts, bolts, and chains on your running machine. And, while you run, treadmill parts do run with you. And, as we all know chains’ belts need lube oil to run smoothly. The consequences of not maintaining a well-lubricated treadmill can be costly.

If your treadmill is making more noise than it did before or if the belt is not running smoothly it’s time to lubricate. Treadmills lubricant reduces conflict betwixt the tread belt and the deck extending track life. Tread belt breakdown is always costly than maintaining regularly. Also, over time if the treadmill is not lubricated it puts additional stress on the motor resulting in expensive repairing money. High energy consumption is also a big issue if not well lubricated.

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How often you need to lubricate?

A rule of thumb is you should to lubricate your treadmill once in 3 months. But depending on the usage the period of time can vary. It’s best to follow the owner’s manual for the best instruction as different models have different periods for their optimal performance. More frequent lubrication may require if the environment is warm as the oil evaporates much faster in that condition. And, also make your treadmill quieter

What kind of lubricants are best to use?

If your treadmill needs lubrication then the best type for that treadmill can be found in your owner’s manual. But in general, lubricants can be divided up into three types: silicone spray, silicon squeeze-tube, and wax sticks. Silicone lubricant is best as it is super slippery and non-reactive.

Avoid using petroleum-based products like WD-40 because it will ruin your treadmill. Some treadmill models suggest using a wax or paraffin-type lubricant. So, if you are using a wax lubricant, make sure that you walk on your treadmill for about 20 minutes before the board gets warm.

Does a brand-new treadmill need to be lubricated?

Most of the manufacturers suggest lubricating before first use after buying. Treadmills are produced in a huge amount in the factories. So, reaching before customers these treadmills are kept a long time in the warehouse. As a result, the lubrication becomes sticky and can affect the performance of the treadmill.

Which tools are required to lubricate a treadmill?

This is an easy job. For most of the treadmills, no extra tools are required. But for some, you may have to loosen the belt to get access beneath the belt. Normally you won’t need more than a screwdriver or an Allen key.

Does a treadmill need cleaning before lubrication?

How to Lubricate A Treadmill

It is a good idea to clean your treadmill before lubrication. After a long-term using the belt gets dirty and debris gets trapped. Using lubricants at this condition can make your treadmill more sluggish. Use a rag or a t-shirt or a soft towel and shove it under the belt through the middle and grasp it from the other side. Drag the garment for few times and you are all set to apply your lubricant.

How to use a treadmill lubricant?

  1. First of all, make sure your treadmill is plugged off for your safety precautions.
  2. Now you need to pull up the treadmill belt from the deck. If it is not possible it’s because your belt is too tight and you have to lose it. Follow the instruction from the manual for it. If you can see another side of the treadmill you are ready to go.
  3. This is the tricky part where you have to apply the lubricant properly. Reach underneath the belt to the middle and apply the silicone to the underside of the belt. Start from the middle and create a straight line to the edge of the belt.
  4. Rub it a little bit and apply the same process to other parts of the belt.
  5. Lower your belt and tighten it if requires. Plugin and stroll on your treadmill for about five minutes to make sure the silicone gets to every part of the belt.

We suggest cleaning your treadmill every time after using it. A small amount of detergent can be used in the cleaning process.

How to check if your treadmill’s belt is lubricated?

Depending upon the time you are using it’s a good idea to check. Reach beneath the belt to check the lubrication is present or not. If it feels dry then it’s time to apply some lubricant to keep your treadmill running.

Lubrication of a treadmill is an easy task. But if neglected it can cause your financial health some serious damage. So, keep your treadmill running for a couple of thousand miles comfortably apply your lubricant from day one. We posted an individual post on treadmill belt lubrication. You can check that too if needed. 

Here is a short maintance video guide from Precision Fitness Equipment. Please take a look:

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