How To Lubricate A Treadmill Belt

How to Lubricate a Treadmill Belt?

If you want to get the best results for your workout through your treadmill, you must take care of the treadmill. You have to do some essential things with your treadmill for its defense. Such as, you have to avoid heating of the motor, reduction of wearing, and lubricating the belt. The vital part of treadmill maintenance is lubricating its belt. Here, I am going to discuss how you lubricate a treadmill belt!

Which Lubricant to Use?

Lubricating the treadmill belt is not right to use any type of common lubricant or oil. You must use silicone oil. Treadmill companies often distribute silicone oil with the treadmill. You can find this kind of oil on under 500 treadmill too. You can apply this in the initial session. Otherwise, you can buy a spray for the belt within 15 dollars for using a long time. Let’s discuss how to lubricate at the following steps. 


First of all, you have to off the power button of the treadmill. Then unplug the treadmill from the control station.


Some treadmill belts are loose on the outside. So, you can insert your one hand inside the belt. Then take up the belt and put some lube inside the belt with a little bottle. Do this properly on both sides of the belt. Then walk on the treadmill 1-3 minutes for distributing the lubricant all area properly. 

Some treadmill belts are not easy to access. But, you need to access it if you want to make it a quiet treadmill. That belts are tight on the deck area. So, it’s not so easy to insert your hand inside the belt. This treadmill has an option to free the belt. On the back of the treadmill, there should be a couple of bolts. Take the proper size of the screwdriver and crank the bolt. You should turn the screwdriver on the same rotation.

You have to rotate the screwdriver 10:10 or 5:5, 5:5, keeping the tension at the same level. Then the belt should be free. Then take a soft cotton fabric and clean inside the belt properly. Then take the little pot of lubricant and put some lube in the middle of the treadmill belt.

Otherwise, you can also use a syringe to put the lube. You have to put 15 milliliters of lube in the belt. Then you have to compact the screw in the same way. After fixing the bolt, you can start the treadmill slowly. You need to make sure the belt is right in the middle of the treadmill. Then walk on the treadmill at least 5 minutes to distribute that lube throughout the belt.


After lubricating the treadmill belt, you have to keep the treadmill for the rest of about 12 hours. Otherwise, the lube will come out from the belt. If not, what you have done so far will be useless

When you need to lubricate the treadmill belt, it depends on some facts. Now I am telling you those facts.

  • It depends on using the treadmill regularly.
  • depends on your body weight.
  • depends on your family members (if they use it).
  • depends on your running or walking.
  • depends on your room’s temperature.

The specialists are saying, if you use your treadmill twice or thrice in a week, then you have to lubricate the treadmill gradually after 10 or 12 days.

You can walk or run on the treadmill. The treadmill keeps you healthy and fit. So, you have some responsibilities too for the treadmill. When you are pushing pressure on the treadmill by step while running, there occurs friction. By lubricating the dashboard, you can reduce friction, decrease the motor pressure, and spread the treadmill’s life. Ultimately, I will tell you that it’s essential to lubricate the treadmill belt. So, you should follow the rules above and lubricate your treadmill regularly.

If you are looking for a solution to lube your whole treadmill you can check out how to lubricate a treadmill post.

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