How to Protect Knees on Elliptical

How to Protect Knees on Elliptical

The best way to protect the knee is to use a knee brace. Knee pain caused for various reasons. If you are exercise after a while, it is normal to feel pain in the first few days. Because you need to spend some time on the workout to make your body habituated with your fitness program.

But, if the pain remains the same for a few days, you need to check some issues like, is your home elliptical machine right for you? Are you following proper posture on the elliptical? Or, are you overusing from the beginning?

If you are not sure yet, let’s drive deep with every scenario.

How to Protect Knees on Elliptical

Knee Brace for Elliptical

The best way of protection is prevention. And, in this case, a knee brace or knee guard is the best prevention. Just buy one pair of a knee brace and wear them while you ride on the elliptical machine. It will help your knee and keep muscle tension in the right position.

You can order on amazon and they will send your knee brace to your doorstep within a short time. Click the button below to check the best knee brace from amazon.

There are few other things you need to keep in mind to protect your knees. Please read the options below too.

Right Elliptical Trainer

It is important to choose the right fitness equipment before you go to achieve your fitness goal. If your most loved elliptical doesn’t match your weight and height, it may cause many problems including knee pain. So, before going to buy the elliptical machine or any other workout machine. Please read reviews and select the right machine. Otherwise, your exercise machine will be a burden instead of helping you achieve fitness goals. And, will be a major cause of your knee pain as well as other pains like muscle cramping.

Find the Right Fit

As I mention before you need to choose the right machine while you buy. And, you need to set the right settings also. After buying your elliptical machine, read the manual. You may find height customization and various incline levels. Please set it as per your body preference.

If you already own a cross-trainer and you are having knee pain problems. Please read your manual and check your machine’s settings again.

Adjust paddle heights and handlebar positions based on your comfortability.

Also, you can use mat if needed. If you machine has other functions like, elliptical trainer’s head or control panel adjustment, please take care of it too.

Proper Posture

Proper body posture is a vital issue for all kinds of exercise. If your body posture is wrong, it may cause some serious problems like back pain, knee pain, muscle injury, etc. So, please maintain correct posture while you ride on your elliptical machine as well as for other workouts.

You can follow this post from National Health Service, the UK for good posture guidelines.

Overuse Injuries

When we bought a new machine we forgot to control ourselves from overuse. But, exercise overuse may cause serious injury.

The real scenario is, we plan to buy a new machine or elliptic trainer when we get fat. So, usually, we feel too much excited and though we will lose 10 kg in 10 days. To be honest, I feel the same when I stop exercising for a certain period. So, after bringing the new machine, we overrun it with excitement. And, fall sick for knee pain, back pain, and other kinds of injuries.

So, keep in mind and check your overuse to reduce knee pain.

Pre and Post Workout

We always forgot one thing. That is the pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching. If you warm up before ride the elliptical. It will ready your muscles for workouts and reduce the risk of workout pain. And, stretching can manage over-stressed muscles and reduce the risk of workout pain.

So, please warm up before exercise and follow post-workout stretching management.


As I discourse above, you need to check these issues if you are facing knee pain. I hope these tips will help you protect your knees from the elliptical machine.

Remember this is not a medical suggestion. These tips are only here to help you protect your knees from the elliptical workout. So, if you feel any discomfort or pain, please seek medical attention immediately or call 911 (or the health helpline number of your country).

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