Will Treadmill fit in SUV?

Will Treadmill fit in SUV?

How on earth can you move a 200 pounds running machine from one place to another, you ask? Well, you know, hire a moving company and pick up the tab; or maybe not. Maybe after a brainstorming session, you concluded that somehow you could fit the treadmill in an SUV and move it by yourself.

Well, rest assured, you can do that; moving a treadmill in an SUV can be possible if the treadmill fits in the SUV. It mostly depends on two factors: the inside of your car and the size of the treadmill you own. If the cargo space of the SUV is large enough to swallow a whole running machine, you can do that one hundred percent.

Will Treadmill fit in SUV

But remember, treadmills are often heavy workout machines. No wonder it can be challenging to move this running machine from one place to another. Most treadmills nowadays have transportation wheels that help you to move the device from one room to another.

Let’s find out how will Treadmill fit in SUV with these easy steps.

Will Treadmill fit in SUV?

Step-1: Measuring the inside of your SUV

Well, it’s not rocket science that a giant machine can not fit into a smaller space. And before you take the 200-pound running machine out of the house, you better make sure if it fits in the car or not.

Like I mentioned earlier, whether a treadmill would fit in an SUV or not depends on two things, the cargo size of the car and the dimension of the treadmill. And it’s difficult to answer the question, will the treadmill fit in an SUV with yes or no. Because there are thousands of SUV models out there, some are miniature, and some are huge.

It depends on how much storage or cargo capacity your car has. While most car guys will describe the storage capacity in cubic-foot, you can also do it with an excellent old meter tape. Just take the measurements of the length, width, and height of the storage inside your car. Also, some cars have a fold-flat feature that allows you to fold the rear seats to increase storage capacity, be sure to check it out.

Step-2: Measuring your Treadmill size

How One size doesn’t fit all; this goes for treadmills as well. There are several types of running machines out there on the market right now. Such as a manual treadmill or quiet treadmill, you’ll even find treadmills at different price ranges.

Like treadmills under $500, treadmills under $1000, or treadmills under $1500. The compact and manual treadmills are the easiest ones to move as they tend to be light and small.
Another feature is also transportation friendly, and that is the folding mechanism. If your running machine is a folding one, moving the treadmill will be a lot easier and convenient. Look at the dimension or measure the dimension (length, width, height) of the treadmill.

Does it fit? or Will Treadmill fit in SUV?

After you are done measuring both the car storage and the dimension of the treadmill, see if the treadmill is going to fit in the car or not. If it fits, then congratulations! You’ve saved some money here also will have the answer of  ‘Will Treadmill fit in SUV?’

However, if the treadmill is more significant than your car or SUV storage, you shouldn’t force it to fit in the car. The treadmill and your car are pretty valuable things, and damaging them means a decent amount of money out of your pocket.

So, if the treadmill doesn’t fit inside your car, it’s a good idea to leave it to the transportation experts. Or you can ask a friend for help who has a big car like a large SUV or minivan.

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